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Golden Sandz, St. Lucia's premium Beach Cooler Event. Plenty people, Plenty Vybes and Action!

The event pulled a great crowd... very fashion forward. St. Lucians went all out in their beach wear for this event... the numbers were up and the spot designated for partying was quite full.

The location of the event was good and also easy to find. The ambiance was good... it had a different feel from other beaches in St. Lucia. The size was perfect, it didn't feel packed nor empty.

VIBE - 8
There was clearly a lot of energy as the crowd moved to the DJs, especially as the sun went down... the DJs did a really good job.

It was a Cooler Beach Party so everyone brought their cooler with their own drinks but there were drinks on sale and good food, fresh coconuts, etc.

$60EC ... based on opinions from various patrons, everyone was satisfied.

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- Kareem Louis

>> View Golden Sandz - Beach Cooler Rave Gallery