With Carnival less than 3 weeks away, I have been doing alot of planning and packing.  Nails, two days before travel, hair cut one week before travel and all that ting ting ting.  Everything has to be planned and scheduled down to the eyebrow threading in order to maintain the hotta hotta look I'm trying to go for when I reach Trinidad.  My cousin asked me about scheduling a wax appointment...yes wax as in Brazilian....and I am always reluctant to say yes because well...helloooo wax near your vajay jay is never a pleasant experience!

While this is great for the Carnival and bikini season, it really is a pain in the...well the you know what.  Who wants to go through that?! You're in front of some stranger chick spread eagle in bright light.  Sometimes you'll get one who's a talker and will proceed to talk about your vajay jay and ting ting ting.  No that's not uncomfortable at all!  Then comes the best part...Hot scalding wax near your most privatest of parts.  Searing pain from the pulling of the canvas away from your skin and for what? A couple ah weeks of hairless freedom?! Stranger chick then tosses the wax ridden canvas in the garbage and leaves the room.  It kind of makes you feel like a cheap whore.  You're left panty-less sitting on an examination table like a stunned plucked chicken with a bill for over $50 bucks and no goodbye.

And it doesn't end there.  Then comes the 5 o clock shadow some days later....how hot is that especially when you are entertaining a gentleman.  "Oh, I'm sorry baby, didn't mean to hurt or scratch you!" It usually is the other way around citing beard burn from the boy toy when making out. 

Oh the things we go through for beauty.  Afterwards, we take the small pleasure of grinnin and skinnin in front of people, happy to know that we don't have to go through that process for another 6-7 weeks.  Carnival is sometimes about the pain. :)

-MAD Red Woman