: Ultra GLOW 
Promoter: DC Carnival Experience 
Location: Bliss Night Club, Washington D.C. 
Date: Friday June 26th 2015

Sweet Like Popsicle Juice

I am going to keep this short and sweet.

The event Ultra Glow was THE ULTIMATE GROWN FOLK PARTY of the weekend.

I absolutely loved it.  If I had to describe it on one word, it would be.... CLASSY!!!

The men and women were dressed in all white. The club was clean. The restrooms were CLEAN and very accessible.  And there were 2 main dance floors to choose from.

It was nice.  It was full, but not crowded. The vibes were chill and people were dancing and having a great time.

Side note: I never could understand why people go to a soca fete and then get all screw face when somebody wants to get a lil wine in or a small wukkup.   I mean, why are you getting upset?  What is the person supposed to do? Come ask you, "Would you like to wine this evening?"  If you are fettin' DROP the attitude and just fete or stay home.  There is a way to decline without acting like a complete @$$hole.

Okay, I'm done with that.  (Please read <Please Doh Embarrass Meh> Carnival Tip #9: Please Trow Meh A Courtesy Wine here --> http://bit.ly/1INObEI

Now that I got that off my chest, I can clearly admit that I did not witness this one time during the Ultra Glow event. But like I said, this was
THE ULTIMATE GROWN FOLK PARTY of the weekend.  I enjoy the professional vibe in parties and partying with grown folks.  People who know how to handle their liquor and have a great time and go home. This was Ultra Glow. 

It was not an "off the chain" party.  But it was a fantastic party.  It was DEFINITELY one everyone enjoyed.  With some parties this past weekend, I had some negative feedback that I had to temper with the quality feedback that I also received.  With Ultra Glow it was all 100% positive. 

Let's just keep it real. 

The event was well run and professionally done.

Now...... here's what made the superb!!

Pan-Trin Vybez &
DJ Private Ryan


There was one point where I thought I needed to get a fire extinguisher in order to put out the fire that they were causing in the party.

When DJ Private Ryan got on the 1s and 2s he did what he normally does do. His reputation proceeds him.  He controlled the crowd like he had a remote control in his hand and he was manipulating the vibes of the party. It's always magical to watch. 

It's cool to see Ryan walk in the building and then people get hype with anticipation of him spinning just because he's in the building.   He worked the DJ booth the precision of a surgeon. When he DJs you can really see the musical genius which he brings to the table. The genres of music that he uses and the right chune at the right time are exemplary.

It was fantastic.

And then.....................

Let me explain this to you.

I'm a former athlete so I don't compare great athletes, I just recognize what they do differently and the extreme value that they bring to the table.  And with that being said, I don't compare DJs either.  I have my personal favorites and I know that more than one is necessary to pull off a party that lasts for hours and hours and during a carnival week and/or weekend. 

So please temper what I say with the aforementioned. 

And now let me tell you this........


Somebody asked me how I felt about him after he got done DJing and I said, "He's a Pyrotechnical Engineer!! He understands how to make the fire work and his style is like fireworks!  Sh*t pops, blast, pauses, hits and explodes at the right time!" 

I stood next to Pan-Trin Vybz for a good 20 minutes and just watched him work. His ability to spin and then take control of the crowd is superb. It's like he's hosting, MCing, DJing and serving as his own hype man all at the same damn time.

He was energetic and his style had the club in the palm of his hand awaiting his instruction.

It was a site to behold.

Bottom line is this.... when he and DJ Private Ryan are together in the same fete, that is the fete where you should be.


Ultra Glow as Ultra Classy!!

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"
Instragram - @TheCarnivalDoctor

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