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Welcome to ICE BOX New York Weekend. It's a weekend in New York filled with fetes, vibes, and beautiful people (and when ah say beautiful people ah mean beautiful women). Laawwwwd. Idk where all them woman does come from daddy, but I know they come to RUDY'S ANNUAL BBQ! So this fete is an invite only, close friends and family kind of affair but ah weasel my way in thru a crack in the gate, hop over three fence, slide in gingerly, grab a plate unsuspecting and oh yea... wearing my TJJ credentials.


So this is a BBQ right? But it look like a fete... with food. lol. It had rehl people in the host, MARKDTING backyard. The Ice Box crowd is always a trendy, hip, come ready to fete crowd and always good looking.
The venue this year was different from previous, where it use to be in RUDY'S backyard. But this year, due to the overwhelming demand it was move to someone's larger backyard. And judging from the crowd of people outside who had to wait a while to get in, I can only see this "BBQ" getting bigger and needing a bigger venue.
VIBE - 9
The vibes of the crowd was a live one. You after people settle in grab a plate socialize for a few it was str8 pace til the place shut down.

Well you had to bring a top shelf bottle and donate to the bar so you know you were drinking the best. I do feel sorry for that one lonely bottle of Johnnie Red that was placed on the empty bottle shelf, completely full... like someone really had the nerve. lol. The food was good... I ate so much I doh even remember what I had. I was a little upset I didn't get to taste the curry tho... next time!
The volunteer bartenders did a great job. I did however notice that at some point in the day bottles were just brought out and placed on tables throughout the fete to make drinks easier and sort of self serve... great move (I think that's what got my friends drunk).
In past years the BBQ was free, but this year there was a $20 cover. So $20 + a top shelf bottle.

If you've been to an ICE BOX event you already know what to expect. Vibes, good friends and family, excellent DJs, and absolutely beautiful people (and when I say people, I mean women ... lol) and this year at the BBQ, it was no different.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Al aka Freshly Squeezed

>> Rudy’s Annual BBQ 2015 Gallery