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Flags til morning... the performance saturated, drink inclusive, vibes (til morning) Carnival Friday event in Washington DC that's not to be missed! Well, it was my first and I was overly excited, and would you blame me? If you hear 'oooman' talk bout going and see Lyrikal and 2015 T&T Groovy Soca Monarch winner Olatunji.. I must be excited too. Did the event live up to its name? Keep reading...

Well the place was backed, you know Sekou Flexx and MoFyah does bring out the feters.... I think the only persons I saw standing up were at the bar getting drinks. Everyone was ready to FETE, flags in hand (wait a minute is that a Grenada flag I see ... "When we touchdown, the whole place shell down..") and just ready.

I wouldn't say the venue was the most desirable but shhhhh we come to fete, who cares!! Lol. If you've been to Island Loft you already know... come to fete. Period. Lol. But I'd have to give the promotional team credit because it was arranged and decorated nicely.

VIBE – 8
As I said before, the vibes were on 100 from the minute I walked in, especially with the international DJ cast including Merry Perry and Majestic. This coupled with the Benjai'esque hype man (you'll know when you see the pics) and performances of Lyrikal (no Olatunji, cause he was a no show) the vibes were definitely on go.

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- Al aka Freshly Squeezed

>> Flags Till Morning 2015 Gallery