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This year Blueprint Entertainment Inc. staged its very first Caribbean Soca Festival, which by all means should become one of the staple events for the Saint Lucia Carnival Season! Drivahhhh doah stop at all with this one! Patrons girated, perspired and imbibed with friends and family to the sounds of Baron, Onyon Efeek and a riveting performance by Kes The Band.

Though not as crowded as the other events usually held in the park, there was still more than enough patrons for an event which is new on the carnival calendar. A more mature audience with a few young and die-hard soca lovers.

This location is quite accessible and has lots of parking space. There is more work to be done with the setup but it was enough to suffice the crowd.

VIBE – 8
Baron oh Baron you brought the patrons down memory lane causing the patrons to flock towards the stage. Onyan Efeek took us there with his dancing session! he turned the festival into a sweat fete! and what's a soca fete if you're not whining and frolicking like there is no tomorrow!

The promoters could not have chosen a better Headliner than Kes The Band! Make way gentlemen! The ladies charged towards the stage to get their fill of Kes! He brought the house down with his hits and never failed with interacting with the crowd! There were some very lucky women in the audience, including myself! Just when I thought my night couldn't get better Kes called me to the stage! I'm one lucky girl I must say since Kes jumped the barrier to come and "tief a whine" on me!

Closer to the ending of his performance he called up ladies from the different Caribbean islands and trust me in no time they were on stage ready to prance and get on with Kes.

I must give much props to Hollywood HP who entertained the crowd between sets! There was always something happening!

How can I forget our local artists such as Superman HD, Ricky Teddyson John and DYP! The definitely kicked off the show with a bang setting a standard for the performance that were to come.

Food and drinks were on sale as well as you could bring your coolers!

There was much ease in getting food or liquor.

Early bird tickets were $90 EC dollars and regular at $115. I believe this price was justified with the level of entertainment the patrons received.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Robberta for the TJJ fam

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