As the carnival revellers of the world prepare for Caribana there are many things that have to and should be done.  Outside of housing and travel arrangements which should be made already, one has to secure fete tickets and find themselves in a band.

But the question is,  "What fetes should I attend?"

To the veteran of Caribana this is no problem.  But to the first timer, neophyte, newbie or veteran, maybe a little guidance is necessary. And that is why TJJ is here along with The Carnival Doctor, to provide you with a prescription for happiness.  :-) 

And while there are many prescriptions out there which may satiate your needs, here is one that has had a high level of success.

These are the fetes that we recommend that you attend during Caribana 2015....

Scorch _uck Work (Wednesday)
- Click here to see *inside* of _uck Work in 2014

Toronto Glow (Friday)
- Click here to see *inside* of the Toronto Glow Fete in 2014
- Click here to see the details for the Toronto Glow Fete in 2015

Rock The Yacht (Saturday)

- Click here to see the details for the Rock The Yacht fete in 2015

Carnival Bliss Cruise (Sunday)

- Click here to see *inside* of the Carnival Bliss Cruise in 2014

What You Should
Always Do

Since we are truly carnival experts at TriniJungleJuice, we can help you in making sure you have the best carnival experience possible.  What you should always do is check out our FEATURED EVENTS listing any time you are planning a trip, vacation or carnival experience. 


Enjoy your time in Toronto if you choose to go and make sure you stay safe, stay hydrated and DOH STICK stay on PACE!!

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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