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Well if you have never seen BBC beach AND Grand Anse beach from a panoramic view point before, Le Crave certainly changed that. Le Crave, the more intimate Ultra Inclusive, one of its kind in Grenada with SPECTACULAR, beautiful people, and that intimate all inclusive vibe... it surely didn't disappoint.

The crowd was a more intimate one but everyone was pretty fashionable and well dressed. I actually felt a little under dress to be honest. There were feters who were coming out to impress and I can't blame them, this Ultra Inclusive event was one NOT to miss.

VENUE - 10
This venue was simply breathtaking. With its panoramic views od not just one beach but two beaches, to the two jacuzzis (which sadly I saw no one in), and to its seating areas... it was just noice.

VIBE - 8
The vibes was on point, especially that group of 5 or 6 ladies who were partying from start to stop. I think they showed everyone up with their non stop moves.

FOOD - 8
Now the food was delicious. There were stew chicken, rice and peas, salad, and wait for it... wait for it... the Grenadian national dish. Yes.. Oil Down. Lord Fadda... I ate, then ate, then ate some more (I'm on vacation, dont judge me). Then there were ice cream, pastries, cake... lol. #spice

The service was good. I think one thing that could have went a little better was the boarding process and the long wait. Everything else was amazing.

Well Spice Addiction Ent. really catered to our senses on this event. Our eyes were pleased by the views, not only the venue but by the beautiful patrons. They also catered to our taste with the GREAT cuisine and the sweet sounds of soca music was definitely not forgotten.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Al aka Freshly Squeezed

>>  Lé Crave - Ultimate All Inclusive Day Fete Experience Gallery
>> Grenada Spicemas 2015 Coverage