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Mercury Beach is the best event to have graced the humble shores of Saint Lucia.
Oh sweet Helen! Boats, bikinis, booze and more booze! Now staged for the second year in a row, Mercury Beach is the event where thousands of people from the French speaking islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe hop on their yachts and speedboats to our shores for the biggest and wildest beach party. You may not be able to understand a word of french but I;'m certain you'll enjoy the exploits of this day!

Over 8000 persons from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint Lucia. Bikinis of all sizes, colors and styles. And may I add some very raunchy designs!

The venue was both easily accessible by land and sea, however parking was a far distance and the patrons who came by land had to take shuttles that they had to pay for.

VIBE - 9
It was an amazing day vibe, the DJ's played songs from every genre of music! But you know everything else takes a back seat to dancehall music. Ever heard songs in a different language that you have no clue what it means but you like it? Well we got a healthy dose of french music! And hell yeah we loved it! Just like a bad piece of dancehall tune that you beg the DJ to pull up, so it was with the French music! Nonstop vibe, with  tons of liquor, people jumping from their boats, splashing about and dancing!

FOOD - 8
Got to step it up with the bar. They had variety but there was such a huge language barrier and not enough people serving. On top of the liquor being pricey, having to paying for cups, it was chaos getting liquor. Wahp...Wahpp!!!! Getting drunk was definately not the easiest task!

Far from impressed as it relates to bar and food.

It was quite costly for St. Lucian's who payed $200 ECD just to enter! I guess when it comes to vibe it might just be worth it.

We loved the fireworks and the burning sign that said "Mercury beach 2016". Being on the beach and watching this spectacle and its colorful reflections in the water was definitely a "Wow" factor.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Robberta for the TJJ Fam

>> Mercury Beach 2015 - Part 1 Gallery
>> Mercury Beach 2015 - Part 2 Gallery
>> Mercury Beach 2015 - Part 3 Gallery