5 Minutes With Maxi PriestAfter seeing Peter Ram toss and spin around one smallie on stage during his performance of "Tight" at the annual "Wicked In White" carnival fete, we didn't think it was going to get any better as far as the night's entertainment. But it did! The "King of Lovers Rock" Maxi Priest made a surprised appearance alongside Shurwayne Winchester and his band Y.O.U., giving the ladies a even bigger shock as he belted out, "Now that I've lost everything to you ... You say you want to start something new ... And it's breaking my heart you're leaving ... Baby I'm grieving ..." Another pore raising experience in the TJJ books. After some ole talk about our lil' hi-tech recording device, the relaxed Maxi (literally sprawled out on the couch) gave us the green light. 5 Minutes With Maxi Priest starts now!

Dre: Who are you jamming to?
Maxi Priest: One extreme to another … too many names to mention
Dre: Give we one … who were you listening to on the plane coming over to Trinidad?
Maxi Priest: Ammmm … myself! (he laughs). No, no, no. Some R. Kelly, some Dancehall … Jah Cure, some Luther Vandross … we can go on forever!
Dre: So, you're mixing it up?
Maxi Priest: 24/7!

Dre: If you weren't Maxi Priest, and not in the music business, what would you be?
Maxi Priest: A Robber! (he smirks)
Dre: Haha (thinking to myself that Maxi is a real comedian).
Maxi Priest: A joke me ah make! That's a joke …. That's a joke guys!! No ammm, building sites. My family is a very big construction working family. I myself came from carpentry and my brothers from electricians and stuff like that.

Dre: Secret Weapon?
Maxi Priest: GOD!
(short pause)
Dre: What do you have in your pockets right now?
Maxi Priest: You went silent ... when I said God, you went silent, why?
Dre: (nervous laughter as I was caught a little off guard) I actually didn't go silent because you said God, I went silent because I was trying to think of my next question. God is a great answer!
Maxi Priest: Okay … you should have come prepared! (his sinister laugh comes out)
Dre: We didn't know you were going to be here tonight, so we're improvising!

Dre: When you're traveling on tour, what's one thing you cannot live without?
Maxi Priest: My bible.
Dre: So it's safe to assume that you're a Godly man?
Maxi Priest: 24/7!

Dre: What's the one thing fans don't know about you?
Maxi Priest: Wow … if I told you, they would know.
Dre: Yeah, well … that's what we're here to find out!
Maxi Priest: So, that's why I'm not telling you!!
(we both laugh)
Dre: He's a smart man. Even when he's tried, he's smart!
Maxi Priest: No, ah mean … come on. One must learn in this business to separate their personal lives with the business that they do.

Dre: Okay, well what's the wildest thing a fan has ever done to get backstage?
Maxi Priest: So many different things…
Dre: Wildest? The one you'll always remember for your whole career. Where you tell yourself, "I don't believe that smallie just did that … ah don't believe it!"
(he laughs)
Maxi Priest: Take off her drawers and wave it through the crowd, trying to get backstage. Silly things … you know a lot of different things happened.

Dre: If there's one word to describe Maxi Priest, what's that one word?
Maxi Priest: Oh wow … one word …. "Love"
Dre: Love … nice!

Trini Jungle Juice … you heard it 1st. 100% improvised since we didn't know he was going to be here. Maxi's in Trinidad & Tobago … we're in Trinidad & Tobago … we're larging up all the massive. Maxi Priest, large every time! Respect.

- Chooks aka Daddy Juice