>> 53 Not Out - Brian Lara Cooler and Fireworks Lime Gallery

What better place to enjoy the Queen's Park Savannah Independence Day fireworks than on Brian Lara's doorstep... yep, and that's exactly where we were. The plush green and organically lit ambience hit us for six... and while their were no ducks in sight, there was lots of finger licking barbecue chicken. Oh, and when last at a party you can have cinematic dinner and a movie with 5.1 surround sound and still hear it all, even while DJ Ultra Simmo is blasting hit upon hit on the front lawn.... #Laratowne (lol). Delicate lounge areas for those that needed it, but not TJJ... you know we are on our feet and it's pace all night long. The moon was full and lit up stage left, while in the foreground the skies were fire-painted in red, black and white (yeah, and some other colours too), celebrating our independence in true style. All with the lush green gardens of the northern range at left and right... add to this equation our Caribbean rhythm's and a cooler... and that makes for a night to remember... till #54notout

Well you know when it's the most famous cricketer on earth having a party, the guest list is A++ rated... The crowd was kept small and intimate to match the ambience, but to be honest, with the amount of vibes in the party I thought I was Carnival again already...

VENUE - 10

Parking was at the QRC carpark, however as the fireworks at the savannah caused traffic at north stand, two maxi's cleverly shared duty; one to the Ministry of Agriculture, and one up the driveway to the residence, so getting to the site in the midst of the busy savannah was a piece of cake.

VIBE - 10

FOOD - 10



Oh, and our advice for next year... make sure your designated driver is strong enough to stop you from rolling down the hill, if you are too stubborn to get to the post party shuttles in time... lol

Shout out to Marlon (@mgimagination).

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Mark for the TJJ fam

>> 53 Not Out - Brian Lara Cooler and Fireworks Lime Gallery