>>  Glow Toronto 2015 'Transition'

Another sold out Glow party! This party was packed wall to wall and full of vibes and intense energy with live performances throughout the entire night from Dil E Nadan, K.I, Lyrikal, Angela Hunte and Bunji Garlin that had the crowd pumping from start to finish.

The crowd was all white and wearing lighted wrist bands that glowed in the dark.

The venue had ample security
...... sight of what may even seem to appear to be any sort of disruption to the crowd's enjoyment was taken care of in a quick and professional manner.

VIBE - 9
The vibe was high intense energy. People were drenched in sweat and didn't want this fete to end, even as the final performer Bunji Garlin was about to do his last set the crowd seemed re-energized.

FOOD - 8

The promoters made sure the people got their money's worth from performance satisfaction, to efficient bar service and ample security and parking availability.


Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Brooke aka The Wild One

>>  Glow Toronto 2015 'Transition'