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In 2014, Flirt Carnival came to life. The band is the brainchild of promoter, entrepreneur and entertainment businessman, Glenroy Watson. With a desire to enter the carnival foray, first in a small way, Watson launched with La Isla De Calor – The Island of Heat and in that, his first year, he won the hearts of the carnival judges with his nine sections, which epitomized the essence of the band’s theme. Flirt Carnival placed first in the medium carnival band category. One year later, he delivered ‘Parading In Gems’ to the people and placed fifth in the medium band category. This year, after much contemplation and deep thought, Watson re-enters the Carnival landscape, bringing, “Classics of Soca” to his loyal masqueraders, many of whom have professed their appreciation for the band’s down to earth approach to the experience on the road each Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Who is Flirt Carnival? – Flirt Carnival is the only band of its kind- a band that offers real fetters, the truest Carnival street experience there is, these days!

Flirt Carnival band will deliver to patrons, the most unadulterated carnival feting experience when it comes to a street parade through Port-Of-Spain. This year, we’ve opted to offer patrons a simple all-inclusive bar in that there will be no shortage of supply when it comes to our sponsored beers- Stag and Carib. Patrons will enjoy rum, beers and vodka in addition to special Flirt shots, prepared by our team. Meals will also be provided on both days. You see, our aim is to allow the people of Trinidad and Tobago and the world essentially, an opportunity to enjoy mas at an economical cost while still enjoying great customer service. Bear in mind that no costume at Flirt will exceed $2,500TTD. Security is of tantamount importance to us so as always we will do all within our power to ensure that all Flirt masqueraders are safe throughout both Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Separately, in a bid to really up the anti when it comes to parading the streets in 2016, we’re assuring the most versatile selections by our handpicked road DJs, something we feel will outdo all of the other bands on the road, and leave their masqueraders wishing they were a part of the Flirt Carnival experience.

We believe that the carnival street parade is about more than fancy liqueurs and liquors, air-conditioned cool out trucks, make-up, manicure and pedicure stations and other unnecessary frills. Carnival, in all its glory, is a celebration of being a true Trinbagonian – something that needs to be revisited by all of us who make up this industry. Our team has looked on for years as so called development of the business, has commercialized the essence of our Greatest Show on Earth and while YES, we’re all in support of better marketing of our traditions, we do not endorse the conversion of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival to a Westernized festival that boasts women parading in feathers, beads and bikinis while five popular songs play on rotation throughout a long, hot day. We think the people deserve more and we also believe that our twin island nation is a lot more valuable that this portrayal.

Finally, we invite you, the media and friends of Flirt to join us in our bid to bring back the true sweetness of our festival, one step at a time. This year, Flirt delivers to you, five simple sections that epitomize a part of our Trinbagonian legacy.

Take a look at what we’ll be offering:
•    Sugar Bum Bum (A Tribute To Lord Kitchener) (Bronze)
•    Tiney Winey (A Tribute To Byron Lee And The Dragonaires) (Pink)
•    Lorraine (A Tribute To Explainer) (Green)
•    Hot, Hot, Hot (A Tribute To Arrow) (Red)
•    Ethel (A Tribute To Superblue) (Blue)

For further information on the band or any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at flirt@flirtcarnivalband.com or 868-786-6688.

>> View Flirt Carnival 2016 Band Launch "Classics of Soca" Gallery