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Today, lets discuss Machel Montano.... Double M..... Monk Monte......

As Miami Carnival ramped up and got into full swing many people were wondering, "Where is Machel?"

It was almost unfathomable to think that the largest carnival in North America and one of the largest cities in the world which happens to also be a yearly carnival hot spot would not be graced by the presence of the largest and most prominent figure in soca music.  From what I understood, it was almost unprecedented for a Soca Monarch Winner to not attend Miami Carnival in recent history.

With that being said, I do know that there were many veterans who were hyping up the presence of Machel in Miami only to have to let their newbies know that Machel didn't show.

As a member of the media, I have every right to be critical of Machel's lack of presence at Miami Carnival. As a carnival goer I have every right to feel like I've been robbed of my full fetting experience because I was not able to see Machel perform live during carnival. an elite level coach, an Olympian and a former high level performer, I KNOW better than to be critical. 

Here's what I know. Machel, needs a break too. He travels incessantly. He's been shooting movies, moving his music through the Zumba brand, growing carnival in upcoming cities like Los Angeles, doing interviews for magazines and media outlets like Billboard. He's been working tirelessly and nonstop....AND the carnival season is short and if he doesn't come out with new music, many of us will whine and cry about that.

So....If Machel needs to take a break for Miami Carnival, so be it.  And quite honestly, he's earned the right to perform when he would like to.  EARNED. CLEARLY.    Many of us are quick to be critical of Machel but forget the times when he has performed at one party or fete and then showed up at another one and just jumped on the stage or the truck, unexpectedly to give us 20 to 40 minutes of a free concert.   I recall this happening at AMBush in Trinidad in 2015 when got up on the truck and was there for about 35 minutes. It was awesome.

So, even though I did miss Machel in Miami, I can understand why there was no Machel in Miami.  And, even though some of us don't want to admit it. Machel does have a life outside of soca music and carnival.  So cut him a break if he misses a carnival or two here and there.

And even when Machel is not there, he is there. He's an artist. He makes music. Therefore, even when he's not with you a piece of him is.  Just think.... how many times did you wine up to "Like Ah Boss?"

Besides, Miami Carnival is going to be spectacular if Machel is there or not. Carnival is about you and your friends. You bring the vibes and the vibes that you bring come back to you.

Peace and blessings.

Please, once again, govern yourselves accordingly.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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