Trinidad and Tobago, October 31st, 2015 -- Shivonne "Lil' Bitts" Churche is about to up the ante and add another dimension to the Soca game for Carnival 2016. This time she is kicking down the doors of fashion. Launching just in time for her birthday celebrations, Bitts is leading the way and giving the world her own clothing line. It is a strong move, but, she did state that this year she was going to stack the deck and play by her own rules.
The singer now turned designer, has always been avant-garde in her onstage costuming and is now bringing that trademark flair to the masses. She plays to her strengths as the line caters mainly to women with a few male garments in there as well.
One cannot help but admire the effort she and her team have put in on this project. In fact it appears that her song WORK is more than a very well received first single, it is also clearly her theme-song for the season.

At present the clothing line is quite exclusive and only available through online and phone orders, but in time as demand grows she promises to expand into stores ensuring everyone is able to purchase the exciting creations.
For now you can email or call the phone numbers for more information and to order your clothing. Be sure to also stop by Lil' Bitts' fan page on Facebook and wish her a very Happy Birthday!

And keep looking out as she promises there is even more to come soon!
Order Now via Phone: 350-2167 or 770-8986
Order Now via Email: