The Miami Carnival "Big Phat Fish" Fete Review

by, The Carnival Doctor
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Big Phat Fish Block Party

Will I attend The "Big Phat Fish" Fete next year? YES!

The Big Phat Fish Fete was the first fete that I attended for Miami Carnival. I can’t say that there is such thing as a bad fete. I’ve personally, never attended a bad fete. I have attended some fetes where I have left early because I just could not shift my attitude but that was me. There were plenty people in the fete that I called “bad” who where having a great time. That being said, Big Phat Fish, was a good fete for me. Mainly because I was able to shift my attitude and make it a good one.

We all have out pet peeves when it comes to fetes. Some people, like my friend Roxanne, does get vexed when the bartenders does pour stingy and big she cup up with ice and no rum. And then there are some that get vexed when the DJs play too many hip hop and reggae sets in a soca fete.

I don’t drink, but I do drink loads of water in the fete and have to use the restroom often. What upsets me is when the washroom areas are unkempt or the area is not planned per the amount of attendees present. At Big Phat Fish there were loads of women using the men's restroom because they ran out of toilet tissue. And then through the course of the night, the men’s restroom ran out of toilet tissue. This caused an issue.

A problem, that should not happen at a drinks inclusive fete with such a quality presence during Miami Carnival.

Is that going to stop me from going to this fete next year? HELL NO!! I WILL BE RIGHT THERE's why smile emoticon

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And this was 2014....

*** The Live Performance component of Big Phat Fish makes it a VERY DIFFICULT fete to pass up ***

Big Phat Fish provides an up close and personal type of intimate fetting experience with the performer. It's nice.

Big Phat Fish Cont....

There are no perfect fetes or perfect people.

This is not the norm but was something that occurred which became a point on my radar screen that I’m choosing to mention. It was a mental hurdle that I had to jump over. Something as simple as no toilet tissue in a bathroom can cause a HOST OF ISSUES and/or problems that can be remedied by sending somebody to the store or by making sure that you have more than what’s necessary.

Please understand why it was an issue for me....

It was my cousin’s FIRST soca fete. We were celebrating her birthday for the weekend. And that was her introduction. Men and women lining up in the bathroom and women squatting over the toilet that men have been urinating on all night but they had little alternative because they didn't have toilet tissue. So the women did that and were walking in and out of the bathroom, asking their fellow woman friends to pass toilet tissue to them so they could use the restroom in the ladies restroom. It was mayhem.

That also meant, that EVERY TIME that my cousin went to the restroom, I had to go with her. Which meant my bathroom time had now doubled. These are small things, but like I said, it was her FIRST fete so it was a little bit rough.

Kerwin and Ola

Now the performances were outstanding. Kerwin and Olatunji did a phenomenal job. Kerwin was on and popping!!! He did quite the job and even did a nice little acapella segment which was nice.

Two of my favorite songs this year are "No Apologies" and "Circles" and when I heard Kerwin perform them, it took me right back to Bermuda this summer when I saw him live there. It was a great moment in the fete for me.

The DJs had the place rocking as well and the venue was nice and filled with some beautiful people.

Parking was easy, reasonably priced and accessible and there was a minimal fee for parking but it was nice.
As I said, I WILL go to this fete again. I had a wonderful time.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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