Question for
The Carnival Doctor

Dear Carnival Doctor, I am coming to TNT carnival 2016 celebrating my 42nd birthday. I If you are true to your words, I need help with Vale Breakfast tickets. I need 14 tickets. Can you help me, please? Thanks for the willingness to help and for your advance assistance if you can make this happen.

Answer From The
Carnival Doctor

I AM MORE than true to my word. And I can most certainly help you.

A few things.....

1. Make sure you invest in the Ultimate Road Ready Guide which is available in the Amazon Marketplace. IF YOU FOLLOW THE STEPS laid out in that book. You will most certainly secure tickets to the events that you desire. But you have to follow.


2. Most people call me superman, but unfortunately, I am only a mere mortal. And while I can help you secure tickets by following the steps, I cannot pull off a miracle of 14 tickets to the Vale Breakfast fete. But if you put all 14 of your people to work and follow the steps, I'm pretty sure you can lock down the tickets.

3. My primary goal and objective is not to "get" you tickets but teach you how to maximize your carnival experience. And with that being said, I cannot give you 14 fish, but I can teach you how to fish and you can get the amount of fish that you want.

4. NONE OF MY VIRGINS that I have trained have ever NOT gotten into a fete that they wanted to get in and they all got in Tribe this year by themselves with the appropriate coaching and I'm proud of them because that did not happen last year.

5. Here's the hint. You need as many as those 14 people working as possible. One person just sitting back and hoping to secure 14 tickets is NOT the move.

In closing, I wish you the best and I am telling you right now that you have 97 days to secure 14 tickets for Vale and if you follow the steps in the book and contact the services and ticket outlets available you will be able to secure tickets for the event.

But with 14 people, it really doesn't matter which fete you go to. Your crew is ultimately the most important thing and if you have 14 people in your crew, no matter where you go, you are going to be alright.

With that being said, I have yet to see a DETERMINED reveller who wanted to get tickets to a fete NOT get them.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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