by, The Carnival Doctor
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

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The Vale Breakfast Fete

The most versatile fete of Miami Carnival is the Vale Breakfast fete. The best fete of Miami Carnival was said to be Arrivals. The best new fete was Soca Brainwash, but the CAN’T MISS FETE, The Presidential Fete, The BEST ALL INCLUSIVE FETE HANDS DOWN, is the Vale Breakfast Fete.

Look here. You can do Vale many ways.

You can sit down and eat a nice breakfast. Leh yuh belly damn near buss. Party fuh a likkle bit. Then, sit down fuh a while and catch yuhself and then go party, some more.

Or, you can arrive at Vale at the ass-crack of dawn, watch the evolution of the fete, eat breakfast, leave the breakfast area, hit the fete area and dance from mawnin until the iron section leaves the fete and closes the party out in the parking lot.

Or, you can chill and never get on bad and have a wonderful time. Or have a ziplock bag for your phone, and clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, and get sprayed with the water hose. Or, you can sip wine and just chip on the outside or stand on the wall and enjoy the music and the vibes. The vibes are beautiful, the people are beautiful and the riddim section in the back of the party is AWESOME.

It is truly a fete that you can do from the age of 21 to 71. I have seen people come early, eat an AMAZING breakfast, sit on the periphery and drink. Enjoy the vibes. Trow a brief wine and leave and have a great time. I have also seen people come in late, miss breakfast, just grab a quick bite and some coffee and fete hard as hell, then leave and go to J'ouvert.

The best part of the fete for me is when I'm leaving and dripping wet from a mixture of sweat and water. The Vale Breakfast Fete is a fete that I do not ever plan on missing. I love the fete because it starts out so classy and then gets so wassy.

Although it may not be heralded as the BEST fete during Miami Carnival. Let's get this 100% clear. It is THE GREATEST Fete of Miami Carnival (in my opinion. And remember, you can trust me..... I'mma doctor.)

Photo Gallery From Vale Vibe Miami 2015

Next up........ J'ouvert.....

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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