People have asked ....what else are yuh doin to get yuh Bess Carnival Body? Is there a magic pill?

There’s no magic pill, but there definitely are vitamins & supplements involved. Remember yuh mum used to say “Don’t forget to take yuh vitamins”, well she was right.

I am not a doctor ....I only play one on Halloween – so if yuh lookin for a prescription or to debate the research findings of amino’s, how supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA ....yuh probably want to go so -->>>>>>>

This is about what I’ve made a personal decision to use & each individual should consult a medical expert before implementing themselves, and then from there you’ve got to monitor how your body reacts and adjust accordingly (there are definitely supplements I’ve used in the past that I’d never touch again – some I jittery after 1 or 2 uses and that’s when I say no ....this is about supporting your health system, not ever putting your health at risk).

Disclaimer – I am a former 2 sport collegiate athlete with bursitis, tendinitis & cartilage damage in both knees, as well as a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol ....part of this supplement plan is designed to be proactive in life, not just Carnival time. Many gym rats will use similar supplements (and possibly some more to achieve their tailored goals) and this is a solid foundation for you to start with.
So here’s what I have in my daily routine & I’ll go into what I do right before and during Carnival.

You see that I got my pill container right along with all of my meal prep containers – I feel a bit like grandma & grandpa with my daily pill container but it saves a whole lot of time every morning when you’re popping 8+ pills than having to open each container – plain and simple, it saves time & my brain isn’t functioning at full speed early morning so I just scoop meh handful from the tray & go.

Here’s the list & why:

Glucosamine  & Chondroitin – an amino sugar used to support the structure, compression and function of joints

Triple Omega –  Fish, Flaxseed, Safflower & Olive Oils -  used to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

Fish Oil – used to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (my family has a long history of heart issues, including a condition I had as a child….so whatever preventative step I can easily take I will)

Multi-Vitamin – correcting nutrition deficiencies, boosting energy, detoxifying the body, maintaining muscle strength, maintaining healthy/younger looking skin, & assisting in diabetes

B-12 --- a natural energy booster get  yourself right & ready for your morning workouts,  before every fete and after lunch on de road --- imagine a small like getting a healthy version of Red Bull (also protects the heart)

Vitamin C – boost the immune system because liquor & nah sleep gonna be conquer yuh – and it’s an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels

Green Source – it’s used to help replace any possibly deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients in vegetable types I may be avoiding during cutting season before Carnival.

C-4 - perfect for getting your bess pump in every workout .... I’ve also used it to help get goin when you’ve gone 2-4 fetes straight & then take a short nap but you need to pump soon – like being 100% ready as you go to J’Ouvert

Whey Protein – used to promote lean tissue muscle mass, I incorporate into my workout throughout the day – this protein is a faster burner 

Casein Protein – this protein is a slow burner ...your body needs a consistent flow of your

Protein Bars – needed for dealing with cravings between meals or a late night craving

Gallon of Water (every day) – cleanse your system of toxins, improve your skin, reduce bags under your eyes & reduce your appetite --- with heavier workouts, more cardio & supplements being taken it is critical not to be dehydrated, we want all of your organs functioning properly eh ...we do plenty punishing our livers during Carnival so be nice for now.

ALL OF THEM are consumed every single day – this isn’t just Carnival prep, healthy living and working out is a part of my life. Since I’m so active protecting muscles, joints, & meh heart are second nature.

Come Carnival Time – Vitamin C is being consumed in the morning & evening for a week leading up to traveling

Once I’m at Carnival I’m taking Vitamin C morning & night (or whenever it is I actually make it home between fetes).  B-12 I’m doing the same thing – morning & night.  When it comes time for de road Monday & Tuesday I bring a small plastic bag w/B-12 & tums ...just in case.  I also pack a large protein shaker with a plastic bag filled with Whey Protein to have early morning or right when I reach back between fetes & I pack a box of protein bars – trust I’m eating doubles, roti, pelau but I still attempt to insert some quick/healthy snacks between fetes.

And that gallon of water --- people have trouble believing but that is key come Carnival ....even the most proven Caribbean drinkers I know who have rum fuh breakfast, lunch & dinner still know to drink water when dat blasted sun beatin down on yuh for 12+ hours at 33 C & yuh chippin a half-marathon.

There you have it on my “what & why” so what else are you using to help prep for Carnival & why?

'Til next time ... Celebrate Life & Soca to De World
-Jouvert Mike

*Please remember to consult your health care professional before starting a workout routine & determining what vitamins and supplements are best for you to consume.*