Mr Vegas is on a mission to bring back fun to dancehall music.

He's getting ready to drop a brand new single titled Dancehall DABB. The song was inspired by the hot new dance craze that is currently sweeping the United States called the DABB.

"I know a lot of people might be wondering why I have recorded a song about an American dance move. Over the past few years, American artistes have been doing videos that highlight Jamaican dance moves, just look at the dance moves in Justin Bieber's video for his song called Sorry, all the dancers in that video are doing Jamaican dance moves. I'm just reversing the roles."

"The DABB dance is the biggest thing in the states right now; everyone is doing it including the sports stars and other celebrities. I like it, and I want Jamaica and the whole Caribbean to join in the fun and do the DABB, that's why I have recorded Dancehall DAB. It's time to put back the fun in dancehall music," said Vegas.

Vegas also highlighted the fact that Dancehall DABB was recorded on an original dancehall rhythm.

"Dancehall DAB was recorded on a real dancehall rhythm. I'm doing my part to help to preserve dancehall music," he said.

Vegas has already shot the video for the song that was produced by him and Riva Brownie, the son of veteran music producer Cleveland 'Clevie' Brownie.

"We recently shot the video in Canada. We recruited some of the best dancers from Canada and the West Indies for this project. It's a fun video, very exciting and full of energy."

A clip from the video that was posted by Vegas on his Facebook Fan Page a few days ago has already received over two hundred thousand hits.

Dancehall DAB is scheduled to be released next week on the MV Music imprint and the RIVA Nile Productions label.