So what do you do?

Really.... what do you do?

I'm really concerned with the responses from the men and the women here. 

And I want to know..... what do you do?

Sh*t Happens......

So here's the deal, whether you a veteran or a virgin or an experienced fetter or a neophyte you have either been on the giving end or receiving end of this particular phenomenon.  It's something that men say happens rarely and women say happens frequently.  But there's really no way of knowing the frequency without taking a survey or poll.  But who really wants to give an "erection poll"  LOL!!  (sorry, I had to do it!!)

Real talk, some times tings ah get hard in de fete.  And when they do what do you do?

Now doh gimme no BS mental toughness talk. I will spare you a lesson on anatomy and physiology and the phases of arousal and excitation and a discussion about nerve endings.  Yes, there are times when you can do something about it and there are times when you can't. And yes, there are some preemptive things that you can do, which we won't discuss, that can lessen the probability of such a thing happening in de fete. However, that is not what this discussion is about.  We are looking for the solutions that you choose to employ and put in practice when....... "tings ah get hard in de fete."


Women, do you ignore it? 

To your  press back on it? 

Do you walk off? 

Do you interrupt the wining session and say, "Really?"  

Do you address it? 

Do you look back and smile? 


Are you offended?

Or do you say, "Ha Haaaaaaa! I still got it!"


Men, what do you do? 

Do you take ah step back when you feel it growing? 

Do you just say, "To hell with it, Iz ah man, it is what it is?"

Do you apologize? 

Do you walk off? 

Do you try to thing of something else?

Or do you whisper in her ear, "Yuh does feel dat? Da iz me!"  (DO NOT PLAY, I MADE CALLS BEFORE THIS POST AND THAT IS AN OPTION THAT SOME HAVE EXERCISED!)


Look, at fetes  you have people from everywhere and all walks of life.

From the very stush, to the very religious, to the very free, to the very married, to the very single, to the very open, to the very close-minded, to the very open minded, to the very understanding and the very ignorant.

It's my charge and responsibility to make sure that you and your friends have the best carnival ever, every time you attend a carnival and that means being prepared.  If you have never been to carnival, this may be a good talking point for you. 

Let's keep it real, I'm not going to issue an "erection poll" (I had to do it again LOL!!!) but let's say you are fetting with your significant other this is good information to know and to talk about before you fete so that you can have some fetting rules established. Hell, if you are aware this may happen, you might want to stay home or not.
And NO, I don't think that there are many men who are okay with another man rubbing their rock solid (you have to say solid instead of "hard" because "rock hard" just sounds bad)...... as I digress.... There are not many men who are okay with another man rubbing their rock solid male parts on their significant other in the fete, but that's reality. It may happen. 

Conversely, there aren't many woman who want their man getting "excited" when dancing with another woman, but it happens. 

And if you think that may be a problem for you then.... you may need to stay home or handcuff your significant other to you in the fete the whole night.  And just so you know..... "Handcuffed In The Fete" is my next article for all you women and men that act like your significant other is going to leave you and start paying child support and sending the rent check elsewhere just because they trow a likkle wine in de fete.


I've seen people storm out of fetes and straight up bawl and cry because somebody done dance with somebody else.

Gimme a f****** break!!!! Really!!

But let me get back to the point........

The point is that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  And if we can prevent people from fetting, liming and partying without knowledge of the environment, well, that is the goal. The goal is for you to be as carnival-ready and road-ready as possible.  And that means that sometimes we talk about, address and tackle some real issues in a funny and humorous way in order to improve the experience for all persons.


Thanks for reading. This is my first post of the New Year and I wanted to "Go Hard!"  LOL

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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