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Carnivalholics identify! It's the one and only Jokey Juice and I must take this time to apologize for my absence but I'm here to once again give you all entertaining and informative reviews for events attend. It's Carnival Saturday so you all know what event I would make myself most present in. INSOMNIAAAAAA!!! And what's this? I'm getting it W.E.T? Ok, let's see how W.E.T this can be during this dry season in reference to the recession that is upon this country. To the review!!!

Promoters must have heard the cries of both people and artists who weren't really impressed with the venue change last year so they brought it back to more familiar grounds. I made my way to the the venue around 3 a.m Sunday expecting stand still traffic that has been a real headache for patrons heading to the event. Surprisingly, it was a smooth flow throughout the entire voyage. Now I know what you're thinking, low traffic means low attendance. Apparently this wasn't the case. Car parks were filled, people were already standing outside propping up their coolers and it sounded like O2 Park had a full house.

Now, time for the juicy part. So there was one particular thing that got my attention before I entered the venue. One patron seemed like a deer caught in headlights after an official informed him that Machel Montano would not be present this year. Let me inform those who have never been to past Insomnia's or Saturday's event was their first experience. In past years, Machel Montano's sunrise performance was always the highlight, when the water hoses would release dousing patrons to his memorable hits. To that carnivalholic.... I feel your pain.

However, a jam pack show people were in for. Heavy hitting bands such as Roy Cape with Ricardo Dru graced the stage waking up the crowd with both their old and new catalogue of music. Joining them during thier set was artists such as Shal Marshall, Lyrikal and even the chutney veteran Rikki Jai. The cast of DJs also had the crowd dancing their worries away. I kept glimpsing my watch and getting nervous as to who will grace the stage for the sunrise hype, and will they get the same crowd response. Excuse me? Your giving away how much? Hear this part, three lucky patrons had a chance to win $10,000TT and one very lucky person would have gotten $100,000TT. Really felt a Willy Wonka moment cause all you needed to have is just be ticket owner of the one announced. Oh how I wished media houses *cough* Trini Jungle Juice *cough* qualified for the money. Anyway, congratulations to the winners.

It was time for the sunrise performance. Now to be honest I was thinking Voice would've appeared coming fresh from a Soca Monarch victory, or the Boss Iwer George because let's be real... his selection of music would have had the crowd in an uproar and frenzy. Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and the Asylum band were the ones to create the riot instead, and I must say they did an excellent job. They both singing all their hits from past and present alongside lit stilt walkers and masqueraders, the crowd including myself was very pleased. With the water hoses soaking the crowd it reminded me of better days at Insomnia, so good job. They also had some artists join them on stage such as Third Bass, Orlando Octave, Dawg E. Slaughter and Salty.

At the end of their performance the vibes was rising like the morning sun. More artists such as Shurwayne Winchester, Patrice Roberts and Olatunji entertained the crowd also.

To conclude this, even though Machel Montano was absent the event still was a success. Vibes was there, crowd numbers and the perks such as money give ways I'm sure will have people excited about attending next year's event. I was at Insomnia, where were you? As always feel free to leave a comment, let us know what wasn't mentioned or what you wanna see happen next year. D Jokey 1 has spoken.

Salt N Peppa!

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- Kris-Michael aka Jokey Juice

>> Insomnia 2016 - W.E.T Edition Gallery
>> Trinidad Carnival 2016 Coverage