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TnT Carnival Friday 2016 - Phuket Review
By Jouvert Mike
Published on 16-Feb-16
Each and every day leading up to the Greatest Show On Earth is so jam packed with fete options that you are bound to be torn on where to go/what to do & will have groups of friends split between, Carnival Friday is definitely one of those days ......

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Each and every day leading up to the Greatest Show On Earth is so jam packed with fete options that you are bound to be torn on where to go/what to do & will have groups of friends split between.

Carnival Friday morning had options for feters including Roast Soca Brunch, Bright Colours Bikinis & Coolers Boatride, and Candy Coated Cruise - for others it was time to run around town for costume & J’ouvert package collections. 

In my case, I had to do some “adulting” and handle time sensitive business back in the US while working remotely and then writing up fete reviews (these blogs have to get done at some point & we strive to get them out as fast as possible for your enjoyment even if that means less sleep and working through the occasional hangover lol). Thankfully, my “office” had a respectable view but the irony of being in Trinidad for Carnival literally watching Candy Coated Cruise sail by and hearing the serious pumpin going on as I worked was not lost on me. 

Afternoon/Evening options La Barge, Phuket, Frenzy, Blue Range Cooler Fete, Yuma’s Fahrenheit, and Scorch to name a few …..again, options a plenty.  

It’s a bit like going to Las Vegas all you can eat buffet – you’re eyes light up, you’ve got thoughts of gluttonous grandeur, fantasize a bit about all you’d like to consume & yet at the end of the day you can only fit so much on your plate (even when you attempt to stack & load far beyond the norm).

As you do this year after year you begin to refine your process and strategically plan out what is going to fit on “your plate”.  It’s a balancing act of time, energy, and of course money.  Having gone down the path of having completely over done it in previous years where I literally went to fete after fete after fete after fete (more than 24 hours of straight feteing, no sleep – hitting a wall and then doing it again & again), this year was about ensuring to have a wide variety of fete styles as well as a chance to get at least a few hours to recharge an ensure each fete I attend I can give it all meh energy.

Over the last few years multiple promoters and concierge services have recognized that transportation/traffic can be really challenging in particular getting to/from Chaguaramas, so why not create an opportunity to have a fun solution? We’ve seen it with people attempting to get to certain fetes (Caesar’s Army AMBush & Phuket) with school buses being converted into “the fete before the fete”. 

This concept we predict will continue to evolve both here in Trinidad as well as on other islands where a large amount of international revelers don’t have cars or know the roads that well, in additional to local feters who are looking for safe & enjoyable options to avoid drinking & driving.

A number of Carnival rookies & vets enjoyed Rollin’ fete as they made sure their ride from POS to Pier 1 involved plenty wuk and “a few” libations to help get loosened up before entering Phuket.

Phuket All-Inclusive has been an evolution, much like any business that grows incrementally with adding new levels each year as demand grows and feedback on services is heard.  This year the space was expanded, far more food options were provided – with a wide variety of barbeque options being added to the mix this year.......and here’s the kicker – new ways to get your LIQUOR. 

There was a SELF-SERVE premium liquor bar overlooking the main area.  There were self-serve stations similar to all-inclusive resorts where you may see 4-5 bottles inverted in a dispenser in your room.  There were also extended self-serve stations for all the beers, mixers, and water – beyond clearly full-serve bars.  The entire process played well to a crowd that wanted to get their drinks quickly & get back to wining all over.

Phuket has continued to expand the sensory experience with strobe lighting, confetti cannons, fog dispensers, enough speakers sandwiching the stage to be heard from Barbados.

The vibe is clearly about getting on bad, this is not the fete to stand & be seen, it’s all about the pump.  There’s plenty of climbing/lifting going on and a whole lot of praise position dancing with both hands high in the sky & head tilted back in screaming out lyrics all night long. This ain’t the spot to be stush.

So, if you’re looking for a high energy fete with a down to earth crowd – put Phuket in your Friday line-up and get ready to pump hard.

Stay tuned for Super Saturday's one of the best days of feteing of the whole year.

'Til next time - Soca to De World,
Jouvert Mike

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