The Carnival Doctor's 2016 TNT Carnival Review Part Four - Phuket, It's Carnival Friday


And, I'm going to take my time in telling you why.  :-) 

Leh We Begin

Getting on the plane en route to Trinidad is a superb experience.  From the time when you commit to go to the time you reach is all surreal. This is especially true when it is your first time. 

During this carnival I really tried to do some things differently.   

First and foremost, as mentioned before, I made a concerted effort to look at carnival through the eyes of a a carnival virgin. 

I tied to see things differently and not compare and contrast..... so much. It's difficult to do because previous experiences most definitely impact your view of your experiences, but I really tried. This seemed to help me have a better time. 

The other thing that I really try to do is to place myself in the same experience as you.   Meaning, I buy tickets to EVERY fete just like you. Even if I am there to work as media, I still buy.... well, attempt to buy a ticket, the same as you.  There are times when I am successful and then there are times when I am not.  This year for Soca Brainwash and AMbush I was NOT able to buy a ticket for myself. And with my new criteria for my fete analyses, such procedural hurdles in ticket acquisition will most definitely impact my recap on my experience(s)

With that being said,  the Phuket fete was my first fete that I attended when I reached sweet TNT.

See, the Way Phuket
Is Set Up.......

Phuket sits in a quality time slot on Friday as many people travel on Friday in order to maximize their days of work during the week. And usually people have to book housing options in Trinidad in blocks and a Friday arrival fits in that 5 day block time frame that is offered by most domiciles and hotels.

Phuket is one of the fetes that people walk into right after getting off of the plane. As a matter of fact, you may see some of the people in the fete with you that were on the plane with you, as was my experience.  Because Phuket sits in this sweet time slot, it is an emotionally charged fete because for many it is the FIRST fete experience that they have when they touch down. 

This, in my opinion, has a huge positive impact on the vibes inside of this fete.  Because the people who have been in TNT for a while who are your friends, see you in this fete and they get hyped when they find out that you have actually reached.  I still remember running into my main man Carnegie Tirado in Phuket. It was a good feeling especially after he had been sending me videos and pictures ever since he attended Machel Monday.  It felt like a mini reunion. 

What was also cool was seeing the people from the groups that I am in.  

The Groups

As you get deeper into your carnival experience you may or may not find yourself in some groups or chat rooms about carnival .  Some of these are online in places like facebook. Some are email lists and others are e-chat groups that use platforms such as WhatsApp.  These groups can be super helpful for carnival virgins and veterans and.......just keeping it real...... they ALSO can get really f*cking petty and catty.  Like all things, you always have the option to leave or involve yourself as much as you'd like.  I will tell you this, the groups are a great resource and it is a nice feeling meeting people in the fete that you have been communicating with all year long. That is the truth. 

And, for me, it was definitely sweet seeing my Ministry of Appreciation Family with their #MOAApproved shirts on and my BPositivo family with their tattoos on in the fete. I also saw my What Fetes Yuh Going (WYFG) family (also known as the "green bandits") and it felt like a huge family reunion. 

Phuket was......NICE. 

My VI and Bermudian

AND THEN when I didn't think the whole thing couldn't tun up anymore my Virgin Islands crew arrived.  (side note: I am not from the VI but a good portion of my crew is so they just make me honorary VI every carnival LOL.  The truth is, I was introduced to TNT by these gentlemen. They raised me in the ways of the fete).  So, when I see my people reach the sh*t hit another level.  And then..... the place took a turn for greatness when I ran into a pocket of Bermudians!

Dis Oman From Bermuda
Almost Kill Me In De Fete!

So, this one woman from Bermuda trow a wine on me that had me feeling like I was back in Bermuda for Bermuda Heroes Weekend at J'Ouvert.  De wine was so sweet, ah damn near pull my hamstring and trow out de left side of meh back.  But I ain't no punk, I tried to hang in there until de DJ change de tune. I remember saying, "If this mc don't change dis chune soon I ga dead fuh sure! Iz ah ol' man and I cyah be wining wit these young tings so."  

So there I was in the fete....PRAYING.  

Praying to God to please allow DJ to move to another chune, but I was caught in the zone... in the riddim zone. Where he was playing a string of songs that are made off of the same riddim track that is produced by some quality beat makers. I was stuck. The RR riddim was playing and one song was rolling into the next and then I heard through the speakers, "Yuh wan speed, yuh wan speed?" 

And in my mind I was yelling, "F*ck No!!! I doh wan speed. I need some groovy soca so that I cyan sit dung!!"  And then I heard it again, "Yuh wan speed? Is speed you wan?"   At this time, I felt my right quadriceps muscle start to twitch. And my left hamstring ah say, "Look dred, you can do wha you wan, but we leaving! De fete for we is done!"  

Oh gosh!! chubble me say!!

These woman from Bermuda doh play no games!

Iz a strong looking man, so I couldn't go down without a fight, but I felt like I was gonna lose this one for sure. At this time I just had to try to keep the score to this winin game close to make this loss look respectable. Because I saw the score on the board in my mind and I was down by 7 in the 4th quarter and I knew there was no coming back. 

And then it happened.....

The song reached!!!

The song "Gyal Meets Brass"......... And I heard it coming and I knew I was done for....."how yuh winin so? Yes you! Ah baby rock it, rock it and roll it............" 

And there was nothing that I could do.

Man Down!

Man f******* down!!

Lawd Faddah, Send Help.

Call de fete ambulance!!

Call the fete police.

Hell, call somebody!!!

If I had a white rag in meh waist, I woulda wave it to signify that I surrender.  

I was going down for sure.

It was a slow death in de fete.

So, I had to pull the veteran move. I turned her around and asked, "Hey, are you going to Suits or AMBush tomorrow?"  

Yeah, yeah, I know. :-( 

Say what you want about me. Hell, I needed a break.  I can't win em all. 

So I struck up a conversation and I was able to catch myself, but by that time, de winin was done. 

I walked away feeling like I got away with my life in tact. And went straight to the bar for more coconut water while murmuring to myself, "Whew, I almost dead."

There was some consolation in the fact 
that this woman from Bermuda was also an alumna of Howard University. At least it didn't feel like much of a loss if we are on the same team :-/

Say what you want..... but I ain't dead though.  :-)

Next Up....
The Riddim Section

Not only were the vibes nice and the people in the party good looking but also the lighting, mist and special effects in the party were on point. Such things added a nice type of flavor to the party as it moved into the nighttime hour.

And then the party closed out with a nice segment from the riddim section. De iron was set up in the back and the iron played at the end of the fete. It was nice.

The Negatives

Some people said that the drink lines were too long. 

I know that at the end of the night they ran out of water.

Personally, I didn't give a sh*t!  If I was being charged $140 per ticket, going through a committee, offering to put some of my sperm in a sperm bank, selling blood and possibly selling my ass on the street for a ticket then I would complain. But with the new anatomy of the fete and the ease of use for entry and the high level of vibes, Phuket is a GO for me. This year and the next. 

Buy. Attend. Fete. Leave. The end.

Phuket, for me, was The No Stress Fete.


It is the desire of and The Carnival Doctor to get a ground level and grassroots approach to Carnival. For us to have you, not only get a feel for Carnival, but also a feel for the people that attend carnival. Behind every picture and video is a story but the story that you make up in your mind is not necessarily the truth.  After all the jumping up, and winin' and bacchanal is done -- we all have real lives to return to. It is our desire for you to know the other people that you share the carnival community with.

Love, Peace and Soca.

(If you've enjoyed this, you will most certainly enjoy The Ultimate Road Ready Guide)

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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