Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. February 23, 2016 - While most Caribbean entertainers tell reporters and by extension, the masses, that their musical ambitions are solely based on gaining international recognition, there’s one rising star who says he feels his mission is less self-serving. Set to unleash a seven-track EP entitled, ‘Alive and Well’ in the coming weeks, T&T artiste, Raskality says his purpose, when it comes to music, runs deeper.

A track collaborated on by Raskality and fellow Trinidad and Tobago acts, Jamelody and Fadda Moses has been released today. It’s called, DNK (Dem Never Know). Raskalitysays he wants his lyrics to be heard by people across the world but he feels that the power that’s held in each word expressed, must first be used as a tool to uplift and inspire people at home in the Caribbean. “Artistes are influential people. We have a platform that many aren’t afforded. I believe in doing positive things with that platform,” he said.

The first single off his EP, “DNK (Dem Never Know), features a sample of the music of well known Jamaican reggae artiste,Sizzla Kolonji. Raskality admits the move is something quite unorthodox in the dancehall arena. “The song is a fusion of hip-hop, reggae and dancehall. I called on my brothers, Jamelody and Fadda Moses because I felt they each had something unique to offer to this project,” he said, explaining that Jamelody’s smooth sound and his natural appeal with female music fans, made him the perfect candidate for the track. On the other hand, he said he chose Fadda Moses because of his strong dancehall undertone.

“In Trinidad and Tobago, in our music industry, we’re sometimes a bit timid to do different things- set a different precedence, you know? ...I want to be known and appreciated for doing things differently,” said Raskality. His most recent time in the spotlight was in 2015 when he collaborated with local rapper, Lil Saint on a track called, “The Re-Birth”. He acknowledges that the collaboration worked favorably for him and said he decided to work alongside DLL the producer of that track, to deliver something he feels will be embraced by all music appreciators across the world. “The song was written collaboratively by Jamelody, Fadda Moses and I. We each wrote our lyrics for what we sang and in the end, I think what we’ve created is something you’d find people like DJ Khaled doing- fusing different energies, styles and flavours to create a blend that’s far superior to anything else,” said Raskality.

Talks are underway for the song’s distribution to mainstream global music markets, by VP Atlanta. Already, Raskality’s looking toward the release of the second single off the EP. “I plan on releasing that track in a month’s time,” he said, emphasizing again that each single on the EP will give fans of music, something completely unique to hold on to. “I hope what I’m doing here will encourage other artistes to go against the musical norms, push for a different sound and think about wider markets. Music is an expression- an art, of each individual artiste’s vibe and feeling, what they stand for, so everyone doing the same thing is a bit redundant if you ask me. I’ve chosen to change up my game a bit and hopefully, people from all walks of life will understand it and enjoy it,” said the young idealist.