Perhaps someone can explain this to me...If you are living in a beautiful warm climate, why would you move to a place like Canada...NY...DC to be back handed by frigid weather?!  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, no this isn't my morning forecast...well wait, it probably is, I am in a cooler climate these days...damnit...this is a reality for many of us, many of us who dream of the warm sun and the wind tinged with the sea air. This could be just me, someone who has grown up in NY with a case of the grass is always greener, but noooo...noooo! I just don't get it.

Cold weather was not meant for West Indians.  We were not meant to lose pigment in the cold weather!  A cousin of mine recently moved back home to Greenz and I can't even recognize her these days.  Tanned all nice and red skinned and nice, the way we were meant to be! A MAD Caramel woman from the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic recently met up for drinks with me and had a spray tan.  I gave her one cuss! SPRAY TAN? US? Whyyyy, look where we come frommmmm! Is this what we've been reduced to, getting fake sun because we livin in what I sure consider Alaskan temperatures?

No, no no it just isn't right.  Ok, I understand you coming here for University and ting ting ting but after University if I wanted to stay in the states, if it were me, I would be on the first plane to Miami, Arizona, North Carolina, anywhere but NY, Canada, or DC because no snow is good snow!  And I'm sure there will always be complaints, it too cold....well what about it's too hot?  I for one prefer the too hot.  You can't get frostbite from too hot...of course you can get heat stroke..but I think I prefer that to losing some toes, fingers or other extremities. :)

Thoughts? Discuss.

-Mad Red Woman