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Established in 1988 by F. Pasquier in Paris, with the simple intention of gathering his friends after a long journey, Le "very secret" Dîner en Blanc has evolved through word of mouth to become a tradition that attracts close to 15,000 people yearly showcasing prestigious sites in the French Capital.

Three years ago Dîner en Blanc International was created with the goal of sharing this wonderful concept with the rest of the world. The concept spread at an inconceivable rate and became a viral phenomenon that attracts and connects people from different backgrounds, all around the globe, forging bonds, and building a close network of friends.
From humble beginnings in a single city, Le Diner en Blanc is presently being held in over 20 countries, 50 cities, and has gained more than 100,000 new friends!
Like Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sydney, Singapore, Mexico City and more than 50 other cities before them, Port of Spain proudly hosted its first Dîner en Blanc this year!

The worldwide love for this event stems from the dedication and passion of the local hosts who have worked very hard to reproduce this magical evening in their city.
In essence, the event played off like a grand surprise yet beautifully elegant dinner. Big "families" such as Illusions, Caesar's Army, TRIBE and Scorch to name a few, as well as hundreds of folks who just love the concept, all came together and sat, dined and conversed. This was all done at a location that was only made known to attendees when they would have gotten there by shuttle.

As patrons set up their tables to their own preferences, they shared in a bonding moment whereby everyone dining together had to work together. Then they'd indulge in either a pre-ordered meal or one they brought to the melodic tune of Mr. Nigel Rojas and his beloved guitar. Following the dinner, a wave of sparklers being lit signaled the beginning of the party. Tunes were dished out by none other than DJ Private Ryan and 4Play to carry the night to an unforgettable end.

Definitely a wonderful concept and well executed. Kudos UEL!

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- Christoph S. (The Sammy Juice)

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