Three time Award Nominated Versatile singer DeeVine was born in London, raised in Barbados from the age of 6.  After tragically losing her husband, it changed her family life, dramatically, and music was her only answer.  In April 2011, she bursted onto the Soca seen with her powerful caribbean vocals. 

DeeVine has been singing & dancing from the age of 8 when her father bought her, her own Casio keyboard, she sang Soprano in the school choir at Parkinson Secondary School in Barbados were she attended til the age of 17.  During her secondary school years, she formed a dance group with a friend and 3 others, creating all the choreography, performing at school concerts & local shows, she was also a model for Sparkles Modelling group.   At age 16 she became a member of a Soca band called Hide & Seek for a short period of time before returning to London where she continued her studies.  In 1997 she studied Music Technology & Business Management in Music, she also learnt to play the piano.  In 2003 she taught music classes a in Primary school for 2 years.  In later years she trained as a Registered Children's Nurse.

DeeVine's interest for Soca came from the love of Soca & calypso she grew up listening to in Barbados.  Her love & influence for Reggae came from her father who use to manage a Reggae band & constantly played Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs in the house. 
Once established in the Soca music industry DeeVine started producing Reggae/Dancehall & RnB music which was the root & soul of her talent.  DeeVine is classed as a versatile singer as she continues to produce track after track of different genres of music.  DeeVine writes most of her music, she has also had a hand in directing her own music videos.

In 2013 whist in Barbados DeeVine perform on live television for programs such as Mid Morning Mix program, Festival Stage and Q in the Community.n 2015 she appeared on Good Morning Barbados, another popular TV programme in Barbados, she then expressed how she felt about UK Soca Artist not getting enough support and push. Her music played is always played on the major radio stations in Barbados; her music videos for 'Sit & Winee' and 'Sweet Love' where filmed in Barbados, and most recently in 2015 'Wukking It Slow' video. This was the year that DeeVine performed for two of the biggest shows in Barbados 'This Is Rick' concert for top Soca Artist Lil Rick and 'Cohobblopot' which was held at the famous Kensington Oval which holds a capacity of 11,000 people. This then lead to DeeVine's soca track 'So Sweet' written by herself and Mighty Gaby (well know Barbadian Calypsonian Cultural Ambassador for Barbados) being featured on Caribbean Hott Party Vol. 4 Crop Over Hits compact disc, as well major performances every year at other Carnivals.

DeeVine has to date performed in Barbados, USA, Canada, Rotterdam, Barcelona, France and many cites within England.
For 2016 DeeVine will be representing as a UK/Bajan Artist in outside carnivals, she is booked to perform in Atlanta, Barbados (Crop Over), New York City (Labour Day), Miami and London Notting Hill carnival. DeeVine has in the past and will be this year sharing stages with Artist like Edwin Yearwood, Peter Ram, Lil Rick, Alison Hinds, Destra and Ricardo Drue, many which she had performed with before at Miami carnival and Crop Over DeeVine has been inspired by Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Mighty Gabby, Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs in musical genres such as reggae, RnB, Calypso, Gospel, bringing her closer to writing and recording across genres with her deep West-Indian influences.
On Dancehall, DeeVine has teamed up with Dancehall sensation Spice on a dancehall track called 'Whine Like Weh' produced by Cashflow Records in Jamaica, the song is proving to be a big hit. She has also on stage twice alongside RDX as part of their team.

DeeVine has a Voice that can put listeners in a zone falling in love with her warm tones, on the other hand she can be fierce sending her audience in a frenzy.  DeeVine has her own unique style and sound, DeeVine is a name to look out for as she has already made big movements and has never disappointed.
DeeVine's dream is to be that pinnacle for success on an international scale to touch all cultures with the beauty of her music. This is more than just an ambition, it's an invested project. With Gods guidance, DeeVine spiritually prepares herself for each and every venture!!.

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