Bermuda Heroes Weekend: The Social Media Fete

One of the most wonderful things about Bermuda Heroes weekend is that it is a quick jump up.

Because I live in the United States in South Florida, I can actually arrive on Friday and do the amazing Friday night concert and then do J’Ouvert and the Parade of Bands on Saturday and leave on Sunday.  With two small children and a wife who knows that I am a carnival junkie this is absolutely appealing to me.  It allows me to experience the things which I love the most and do them in a timely fashion and return home. Granted, there are some events in Bermuda for which Bermuda is KNOWN for, like the Raft Up. The Raft Up is an event that Bermuda has perfected over time during their Bermuda Cup Match Weekend celebration where there are a number of festivities including a Soca Vs. Reggae party, various fetes and, of course, the Raft Up party.  I have NEVER attended a Raft Up party and for me to try to explain it would do it a severe injustice so I will just provide you with the best illustration  possible:

The Carnival Ref describes it as, “A barge with a sound system with boats all around....”

So, you see what attracts so many people to Bermuda and why this year many placed it on their “things-to-do” list and why The Carnival Doctor heralded Bermuda as “The Can’t Miss Carnival Of The Year.”

Now...... let me tell the truth.


Here’s what happened......

(and let me assure you that I get more and more angry as I continue to tell this story and type it again)

Here’s What Happened

I was so excited about Bermuda Heroes Weekend last year that I encouraged my wife to attend. So, like every carnival veteran, I planned my schedule early, early. My tickets and hotel were booked months in advance.  I specifically chose a flight schedule that had a wide enough layover when I would reach Miami so that we would not miss out flight. Originally we were to arrive in Miami with about 4 hours to spare for our layover.  Because I only to Friday night and Saturday, both my wife and I had carry on luggage and we figured that since the layover in Miami was long that we’d eat in Miami, arrive in Bermuda, stop at the hotel and then head to the 5 Star Friday night fete.

But as the Lord would have it, the flight out of Tampa to Miami was changed about a month ago to leave at 2:45pm.  I thought to myself, “No big deal. I get into Miami at 3:30 and we still have time to make the 5pm flight to Bermuda.”  I figured the airlines just had a scheduling fix because we purchased the flights so early.  So NO SCENE!!  We good!!


When we get to the airport, the airline announces that they are having a small delay.  NO problem.

Then another delay. 


But things are getting a little bit tight.  Then the news hits...... That the flight will not leave until 3:50 and will arrive in Miami at 4:50pm.  Well, our flight to Bermuda was at 5pm. So now we are out of gas. And the airline could not get us to Bermuda until the following day at 11am. Which means the Friday night fete was done, J’Ouvert was done and the there was no way for my wife to pick up her things in time for the Parade of Bands. So our weekend was DONE.   So the best thing about Bermuda ended up being the worst thing.  The best thing is that it is a short trip. The bad thing about it is if there is a travel glitch YOUR WHOLE WEEKEND is done. 

American Airlines was very gracious and understanding and refunded our monies as they understood that our weekend plans were ruined due to circumstances outside of our control.  The hotel on the other hand is being a bit difficult. I will await their ability to come to their senses. Which I hope will occur soon.

I can’t tell you how upset I was. If I was a 3 year old, I would have thrown myself on the ground and started kicking my arms and legs while screaming.

But there I was... returning to my car in the parking lot after having gone nowhere. And I had to inform the team at Trini Jungle Juice that I was no longer going. And this is when it began.....


The jokes via text. The jokes via email. The jokes via WhatsApp. The jokes via Intstagram.  It was nonstop licks I was taking. Real licks.  And they have not stopped. They have just slowed down.  

But as we all have to do, I had to do. I had to embrace my circumstance and situation.. 

And I decided to enjoy...... THE SOCIAL MEDIA FETE.

The Social Media Fete

So there I was like many people before me. Trying to decide if I should shield myself from social media and hide and act like one of the best times on the planet is not happening…. OR if I should deal with it and find a way to be there without actually being there. 

So that’s what I did...... I decided to have a SOCIAL MEDIA FETE!!!

I went to Instagram and Facebook and searched the tags of #BHW #BHW2016 and #BermudaCarnival and I just enjoyed myself, liked videos and pictures and commented where I could to my friends that were there. I also asked my friends to send pics and videos via WhatsApp and I just enjoyed myself.

I watched the live feed video that Trini Jungle Juice did and I felt like a part of me was there. It’s definitely not the same but how can you feel like  you are not there when your face is....

If we are completely honest, many of you that are in Bermuda for the 1st time are there because of the social media influence from last year and from the urging and convincing of your friends. 

Look, how could you not find THIS to be absolutely APPEALING......

I'm not sure about you but I will be making the same prediction that I did last year and that is..... I will be in Bermuda for Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2017 next year....... Lord willing! :-)

The 2016 Social Media

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Love, Peace and Soca.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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