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Saturday was the marathon fete – Fleet, Sea & Sand by Spice Addiction Ent.  Here’s the thing that I love to see as you travel from island to island different promoters are students of the game – taking aspects of fetes that work well, combining them & then elevating the experience in a new way with their own event – raising the bar for all fetes/promoters across the globe.

So for those that have enjoyed the vibes of events like Limerz (Barbados), Raft-Up (Bermuda), and true beach fetes (numerous come to mind in Trinidad & Jamaica) then think about combining aspects of all of them for an Epic marathon of feting and you’ve got Fleet, Sea & Sand.

The Fleet aspect of the day entailed 5 boats (a mixture of catamarans & single hull party boats) with drinks flowing from the minute you left the dock.  If you were on a catamaran chances were the front netting was filled with sunbathing, single hull boats everyone was lounging around, sitting/reserved taking the posey pics, and then a small contingency of folks hitting the bar early & often.  Unbeknownst to me I was fittingly assigned to the “Worst Behavior” Boat and as the fleet continued out & drinks really started flowing bumpers started flying in from all directions – straight acrobatic ish with the leverage of all types of braces/supports on the catamaran.  It is amazing how many parts of a boat people can use as leverage for wining when they are motivated lol.

Once we anchored up I’m part fish & wanted to explore so I swam from boat to boat to say hello and check-in on friends on other boats.  Others got out to float around with life vests, a few with snorkels, etc. while most of the Worst Behavior boat just kept feting – it was a bit hilarious.  You’re in a tropical paradise with the opportunity to play in the water and this group of people didn’t want to slow down for 1 minute......their fete game was so strong.

Checking in on each boat you got to see the very different approaches people took to this opportunity to fete or relax/lounge on the boats.  Thankfully, with my ability to swim I was able to assist a few people who were looking to have no behavior & swim them back to my boat .......plus with enough space & knowing we were all going to end up in the same place it was all good.  People intermittently swam to grab a drink on neighboring boats, take a wine and head back to their boat. 

About 90 minutes after anchoring we headed out again – this time a special surprise in the form of Skinny Fabulous coming aboard each boat to do a live performance and join in the madness.  Not too surprising, he ended up staying on our boat as we sailed into BBC beach where the Spice Addiction Ent. Crew had lunch waiting for us and drinks at a hotel bar kept flowing for us.  We picked up DJ Private Ryan & Patrick the Hype Man and brought them on the last leg of the cruise – taking all patrons to yet another beach where the all-inclusive evening fete “Sand” was set to take place.

Everyone on the boats were set to proceed in to the combo fete package, yet there were additional people that purchased just the “Sand” all-inclusive beach fete pass – thereby injecting some new energy & even more wining partners. By this point we’re talking a solid 10 hours+ of drinking in the sun.  But you add in the mix of Tony Cross with Back 2 Basics and Patrick the Hype Man & DJ Private Ryan and you pretty much had another level of energy being infused into this international crowd on the beach under the moonlight.

The combination of Fleet, Sea, & Sand definitely ranks among the best fete experiences I’ve had across the Caribbean.  If you want to experience the natural beauty, have some fun truly IN the water – not just on a boat, soak in the sun on the beach, do it all over again & still get a chance to finish it off with a “night cap” of another fete then this is going to make you one happy feter.  It was by far my favorite fete (or combo of fetes) in Grenada ......so good I “may” have overdone it by the end of Sand and slept right through the late night/early morning fete – White in the Moonlight because even a veteran like me hits a wall and over does it sometimes lol.  Hey, but what can be remembered or was captured on film definitely reflects the beauty, energy, & joy experienced all day and night – truly good times had by all.

'Til Next Time, Soca to de World
-Jouvert Mike

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