Trinidad, June 08:- E-Zone Entertainment Limited,the producers of Shurwayne Winchester’s highly acclaimed ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Deador Alive’ and ‘Gate’ music videos, the 2007 COTT Music Awards, BET 2007 Trinidad Carnival Special,  BET St. Lucia Jazz and BET Turks and Caicos Music Festival TV Shows and other exciting television productions will host a two-day workshop on “Lighting for Film and Video”.

 The workshop due to take place,in Trinidad on June 15 and 16, 2008 will be conducted by Lincoln Ascott, Cinematographer and Director of the Certificate in Filmmaking at the London Film Academy.

“Participants will understand the important role that proper lighting plays in achieving high quality productions. It is just one of the key inputs, but it is a major factor.” says Lisa Wickham, CEO, E-Zone Entertainment Limited.

Some of the areas to be covered will include making the most of digital film through lighting and camera functions (white balance,shutter speed, manual focus), the technical differences between shooting on various formats, 16mm, 35mm and video, the differences between shooting for documentary & drama, shooting in a studio, on location and under available light conditions.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.“This is just one of the many programmes that we intend to introduce to the Region in our continuous attempt to raise the industry standard.” says Wickham.

Interested persons may contact E-Zone Entertainment Limited, 628-5797 or