I have a client of mine, let’s call him Wayne for all purposes of this story and if your name is Wayne this story is not about you (i hope).  Any ways Wayne called me cussing how another promoter, let’s call him smallB is planning to have his party on the same day and yes worse yet at the same time as his. 


I asked Wayne "which party" and then realized that I had spoken to smallB weeks ago about marketing his event as well. 


I had told smallB to put his event on the trini jungle juice (TJJ) calendar using this link



So the question was did smallB know of wayne's party? 


Well both wayne and smallB were doing their events for the first time, so there is no history to go on. Most good-minded and responsible promoters go to the trini jungle juice (TJJ) calendar to see what other promoters are doing. The bad minded ones will go check it as well and still go set up shop next to your event but that too is life.  In any event using the info strategic promoters then they can make their plans accordingly.


You might be thinking, that is all well and good but does not apply to me in my market but think again. Today many brands are going global and you might think that you talk to all your local promoters and they all know your movements.  Well what you going to do when an international brand lands in your town on the same day as your event?


I told smallB to put his event on the calendar, “Just go here, http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/tjjevents/events/index.php?com=submit and put in the info, it’s pretty fast!!!”, is what I said,  but you know how lazy we can be...the effort to do that small task, that miniscule act ended costing him and costing him HUGE...


350 patrons @ 50 dollars a POP was now going to Wayne’s party that would have gone to his event.  He called many of his past patrons but by the time they responded these folks had gotten their tickets already for Wayne’s party.  The sad part is both Wayne and smallB lost out because if they both planned better folks would not have to choose.  It makes patrons miserable too because they are caught having to pick a favorite, like do you like daddy more or mummy more?  Its not a position you want to be in.


One sure fire way to cut your party in half is to clash another fellow promoter.  You not only spend 2 times as much energy in promoting an event but no matter how good you promote some of your target audience will go to the competition based on their brand and the relationships of the patrons to the competition. It is just a fact of life. It is how life works...


That small effort cost smallB 17, 500 dollars.  If he had done that Wayne would not have paid for a venue that he could NOT have back out of.  SmallB would have given Wayne the heads up on the calendar to use another time slot or date.


Many folks think that using the TJJ calendar is just one way to market an event. Many even think getting a free news letter mailed out for being in the calendar to be huge value but this pales in comparison when compared to NOT putting it in the calendar and its downstream impact.

You are one URL away from saving yourself 17, 500 dollars and many nights of better sleep.


Click on the link and just do it now




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Please avoid this drama, I really hate to be in the middle of it, especially when all you got to do is

Click on this link


Put in your info and hit submit, it only takes 2 minutes, especially if you already got your info