Photo: Ky-Enie

Reggae singer Ky-enie is fed up about the ever-increasing crime wave that’s wreaking havoc across the nation. “Every day you turn on the radio all you hear about on the news is crime, it’s just none stop murders and mayhem. Come on Jamaica it’s time we end this nonsense and live in love and unity and build a better country for the next generation,” said the artiste.

The Easy going Rastafarian entertainer is currently promoting a single titled Still Live On. The song was done to honour the memory of one of his close friends, Kazim Lee, who was shot and killed by gunmen.“I did this song for my bredrin who passed away a few years ago; he was a good youth, it’s so sad to see that he died the way he did. Like so many other youths in Jamaica, he was killed by the gun,” Ky-enie.

He also added, “I’m asking all my colleagues in the music industry to come together and let us lift up our voices against crime and violence. It’s time to make a change in our country. We can’t continue like this; it has to stop.” Still Live On was produced by Real Live Records on the Think Again rhythm, and released on the 21sth of November last year. Since then the song has enjoyed steady rotation both locally and abroad.

Ky-enie is currently preparing to shoot a video for Still Live On. He is also promoting two other singles, Love Means Everything and Round of Applause.