Photo: Azaryah

Trinidad & Tobago never falls short when it comes to producing extraordinary talents. Azaryah, in the past three years would have been known for the success of his hit singles “Doh Tell Meh Dat”, “Far Away” “Her Love” & “Oh Gosh”.

On the heels of collaborating with International acts Major Lazer for the remix of “Doh Tell Meh Dat”, the artiste the world may have once known as Flipo has been blessed with overwhelming amounts of opportunities.

One of which, landing him on after collaborating with Anjunabeats and Bad Royale producing a rendition of Above and Beyond’s Fly me to New York. [More on Billboard, Click Link]

Azaryah has his eyes set on further goals, pushing boundaries and breaking the mold of negativity in society. His passion for delivering positive vibrations in music truly resonates through his recordings. Azaryah says he has four newly recorded songs ready for release, three of which has international appeal.
First of the four released, entitled “Hottest Thing” truly the ladies new favorite with uplifting lyrical content has surly proven songs don’t need to be built with vile lyrics to gain popularity.

We asked Azaryah to leave us with a taste of his new release “Hottest Thing”, and he left us with these touching lyrics

                        ‘ My Queen know your worth – and
                   They say diamonds are found in dirt – well
                   Pressure form the most precious things –
                            When you’re hurting,
                                 For certain.
                       Pain is temporary in this earth realm,
                          Still you give Yahweh all service –
   I noticed, how your honor your husband, from him where your love comes,
                                 A cycle that cyah done.
               A virtuous woman is truly hard to find – companion.
                           Gyal you are the Hottest Thing ‘

Azaryah said his goal with this release is to uplift our women in society, he says for far too long some of our women have been disrespected, beaten raped and murdered. Azaryah shares that he also has hopes that with the support of the men in society we can collaborate in instilling greater moral values in the generations to come.