"After Missing TNT 2017, There Are 4 Major Reasons The Carnival Doctor Is Looking Forward To Jamaica Carnival this weekend......."

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
"The Carnival Doctor"

After missing TNT 2017, I am looking forward to Jamaica Carnival this weekend for more than a few reasons. One of them being.....

(Reason One)
.... I just really want to be inna fete during carnival when that song "Full Extreme" drops so I cyan "hold dem and wuk dem."

(Reason Two)
Secondly, I really miss being on the road with my friends and anytime you can share a moment on the road with friends it is a special moment. They are intangible, diamond-like treasures that we cherish and call memories.

(Reason Three)
Thirdly, man..... I miss that half-tired, half-dead feeling in between the fetes that you get. You know that feeling when you KNOW THAT you need to take a fresh, change your clothes and keep moving. But everything in your spirit tells you to listen to the bed or the chair that is calling you by name and telling you, "Eh, eh. Come and siddung and catch yuhself. Just five minutes."

We all know that trick and we all know that 5 minutes turns into, "I missed the whole fete that I paid for." We all know that the key is to sleep in the maxi or the taxi on the way to the fete and allow the soca music to revive you once you reach.

(Reason Four)
And FINALLY, I'm looking forward to this weekend because I really need a few good hard hours of J'Ouvert in my life.

So, if you are going to Jamaica Carnival and yuh see me on the road or inna fete, hail me up and gimme a high five or a lil courtesy wine.

See you on the road!!

Free Road Injections -- NO Prescription Needed,
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
"The Carnival Doctor"