Admittedly, I went to Carnival in Jamaica for one reason only.

Because my friend Winston Williams told me to go in order to experience the Sunrise Breakfast Fete. He informed me that this breakfast fete was one of the best service and fetting experiences on the planet. So quite honestly, I booked my trip to Jamaica on the strength of that urging, alone.

After, a decent, but lackluster J’Ouvert experience I was really looking forward to the Sunrise Breakfast Fete. Also, I was looking forward to squeezing in a few hours of rest so that I could catch myself before the breakfast fete.

After getting a few hours of rest, we all went downstairs and caught a taxi to the fete. (just to let you know, taxis are plentiful during Carnival in Jamaica and we never had a hard time finding a ride).

When we arrived it was absolutely immaculate. From the moment that you get out of the taxi and begin walking to the fete it is a beautiful experience. The signage at the front gate for entry made it seem like I was getting ready to walk through the heavenly gates of fetedom.

When we entered, I do what I usually do. I walk the grounds of the fete. Find the restrooms, the exits, the food and get the layout of the land. To say that I was impressed was an understatement. I’m not sure how it gets done but in Carnival in Jamaica there is little to no wait in line for food. And the food options are plentiful. I cannot tell you how many times I ate at the Sunrise breakfast fete. I ate damn near everything that was available except for pizza. I loved every minute of it.

And the fete…..

One of the most intriguing things about this fete was the blend of Soca, Reggae and Dancehall music. Most fetes that we attend play about 93% soca with a little sprinkle of various music outlets. The major ones being reggae, dancehall, and afrobeats. But this fete was about 80%-85% soca with a most welcomed blend of the other genres of music mentioned. It was most definitely a privilege to be in Jamaica and participate and observe in all of the dancehall musical dance trends from over the years to present day as the DJ played the songs. By the time we “signaled de plane” and “rowed de boat” and went “pon de river and pon de bank” and then “give them ah run” I was more than sold on the enthusiasm in the fete.

This Fete Was The Ultimate Big People Party

What I also enjoyed about this fete was the vast amount of area and opportunities for shade, to sit down, to eat, to lime and to dance. And no area impeded on the ambience of the other area. It was absolutely amazing. There was the area by the shade that was totally rampage. And then there were several areas that were cool and reserved. And then there were other areas were people could talk, drink, lime and catch themselves.

The Jamaican Wine….

So, I done told you already about how the Trini wine is a sweet and intoxicating wine. It had inebriated more than a few and created such a drunken state that many people forget the camera is on when they wining. And most of you already know how de Bajan wine is. It’s what I call “The Vacuum Cleaner Wine” because no matter how much you try to back away, that wine does keep pulling you back in.
And you all does already know how I feel about that Bermudan wine. Oh gosh boy! The Bermudan wine is provided to prove a point. They want you to know that they understand that they are not in the Caribbean but they also want you to understand that they are still an island and the sweet wine of the islands still applies. And THEY DO PROVE THEIR POINT.

Now the Jamaican wine…..

Is what I call the “That’s It Wine.” Let me explain. If you’ve never gone shopping for a bed before, it’s an experience. You literally have to go on the showroom floor and lie down on all of the beds to find out if the bed type is for you. Some mattresses are soft, some of firm, some beds are high, some are low, some of made of foam, some of spring, some of memory foam, etc.,. So you have to test the beds to find out which one you like and which is best for you. So you usually start by sitting down on the bed, bouncing up and down on it for a bit and then you lie back and get a feel for it. This happens until you find the right one. And when you do, you say…… “That’s It….. this is the one.” And THAT is what the Jamaican wine is like. When you does get it, you say, “That’s it…. that’s it.” Because you know you done found de right one!

Back To The Fete……

I cannot over-explain how much I enjoyed the Sunrise Breakfast Fete. In my opinion, it is the most professional fete I have ever attended.