On the 22nd of April of 2017, I attended my favorite fete during Carnival in Jamaica, the Bazodee fete.

This fete was my favorite because of the ambience, the food, the vibes and the coffee.

Let me start my story from my most favorite part first.

I am a coffee drinker. I absolutely love a nice, hot, fresh cup of coffee. Very rarely inna fete can you get a quality cup of coffee. I mean, you can get rum, liquor, vodka, water.... but... coffee? Never have I had coffee in a fete. And quality coffee at that. I had about 4 to 5 cups. I was loving it. And it was Blue Mountain Coffee!!!!

For those of you who KNOW coffee, you does know that Jamaican's Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best and produces some of the most high quality coffee beans around. This alone put this fete over the top for me. It was remarkable.

And then there was the Ice Cream station where they were providing small containers of Haagan Dazs for everyone.

I've already explained to you in my other posts about Carnival in Jamaica, how Jamaica has MASTERED the all-inclusive fete experience when it comes to food and service. And the Bazodee Frenchman fete staples and hammers down this point. Unlike other fetes where you have to eat before you get there and then you can "snack" in the fete, in Jamaica, you can ACTUALLY PLAN TO EAT. Because the food doh done and the service is superb.

Now, on to the ambience.

This year, Carnival in Jamaica was pretty rainy. But it did not matter. In Bazodee for the first few hours it was a wet fete and I loved every minute of it. I was out in the rain just jammin the night away along with others. Those that needed to take cover, for what reason I don't know, did in fact take cover under some of the tented structures but when the rain subsided the fete took off to another stratosphere.

One of the best parts of the night was when Alison Hinds, Peter Ram and Skinny Fabulous performed. Because of the venue was large but had a great setup for the fetting experience, the performances were nice and intimate. You were not so far away from the talent that you could only enjoy the music. You literally felt like you could reach out and touch them if you so chose. It was a great time. And Peter Ram even came down from the stage and sang in the crowd the people. It was beyond nice. It was a wonderful fetting experience that I will not miss. While I do agree that the Sunrise Breakfast fete is the greatest fete during Carnival in Jamaica, I would be lying if I told you that it was my favorite. My favorite fete, hands down this year was the Bazodee Frenchmen fete.

It was professional. The service was great. The DJs were on point. And the performances were fiyah!!

Love, Peace and Soca.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"