In the past few months, like many people on the TrinijungleJuice team, I've been everywhere. I've traveled to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Miami, DC and everywhere else in between and I've been hearing about Electric Karnival.

As a matter of fact, I was just in DC this past weekend and everyone was talking about Electric Karnival and the musical lineup.  I know for a fact that I will be in South Florida for Electric Karnival but I do also know that some people are on the fence because Electric Karnival in the "Caribbean Dance Music" format is not what they are used to.  Well, I beg to differ.

If you have been to Soca Brainwash or Beach House or Vale or any DJ dominated fete where the DJ is "the talent" then you have been to a celebration in this type of format.  What I am most interested in and what is piquing the interest of most people is exactly how the fusion of the EDM and the Soca are going to exist.

And to answer that question I literally got on the phone this morning and spoke to one of the promoters of Electric Karnival. He told me that the music is already fused together. "All we are doing is introducing the soca to the EDM people and the EDM to the soca people. And we are doing it through the music that both already listen to.  We all listen to Major Lazer, Walshy Fire, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, and Ultimate Rejects so we aren't changing the music. We are just providing a different format and outlet so that more people can experience the "carnival experience" all year long in and through different forms and venue formats."

I, for one, and looking forward to Electric Karnival. And I absolutely love the way that the soca movement is branching out.  We have seen new carnivals flourish like, Hollywood Carnival. We have watched the soca world develop the Ubersoca Cruise which followed in the footsteps of the reggae cruise Jamrock. And we have witnessed the musical fusion of soca and EDM with the perfect upcoming crescendo of Electric Karnival. 

Just when we think that there there will never be a better chune than the one the year before, or a better fete than the one we love, or a better J'Ouvert celebration than Caesar's Army.... something always comes along to enhance the game, improve our experience and increase the depth and breadth of our experience palate. And more than ever, we need to diversify our palate and our social experiences.

In a world, where we could always use a little more love and togetherness, Electric Karnival could not have come at a better time.  In the EDM community there is a motto which they live by and support and that is one of "PLUR."  It stands for PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT.  And for me, July 3rd cannot come fast enough. I cannot wait to jump up and experience another "Karnival" for the year and share some good vibes with good people.

Look for me at Electric Karnival on the 3rd of July....... I deh!!!!

Blessings from here to there,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

P.S. The first tier of $55 tickets for Electric Karnival are sold out! So doh stick... get your tickets today.