>> Electric Karnival "Caribbean Dance Music Festival" - Part 1 Gallery
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Miami, FL - July 4, 2017 - The fireworks started early in South Florida. And you knew this if you experienced the titillating rhythms, subtle drumbeats present in the interstices of silence, the hard hitting bass, syncopated melodies, the oh-so-sweet sound of soca and the hypnotic cyclical sounds of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) at Electric Karnival in the historic Virginia Key section of south Florida at Virginia Key Beach Park on the 3rd of July.

The bubbling, wining and waving was married with bouncing, jumping, and fist pumping as the genres and communities of EDM and Soca were blended in an official capacity in a festival for the first time ever. The promoters, DJs, performers and attendees had an opportunity to be a part of history as Electric Karnival superseded all expectations Monday night.

The Start....

Just like a great start to a romantic evening starts with a quality breakfast and then crescendos with the late night activities, such was the evolution of the Electric Karnival festival. It started out slow, sexy and steady in the A.M. hours.  The signage was awesome. The setup was professional. The location of the food trucks were excellent. The access to the bathrooms were great. The bathrooms were clean and the VIP section was nice and provided those partying with an opportunity to move in between VIP and general admission.

The Buildup.....

As the day continued and as the sun heated up the event, so did the DJs LL Cool Blaze, Ryan Sayeed and DJ Private Ryan. And when the sun began to set, you could feel the initial moments of the crescendo beginning. At around 4pm the party looked like powerful, yet intimate J'Ouvert. There was powder everywhere and you could arousal level of the fete heightening.

The Finish.......

And once the place when dark and the stage and the vibes were the only only thing providing the light.... it was a full on music-gasm with Bunji Garlin finishing out the evening in true Viking fashion.  Then, as with any good “finish” the Vision Sound crew came on the stage afterwards and soothed the crowd for a moment and then gave them a quality “round two.” All in all Electric Karnival was an awesome experience. It was new for me as with most people but I welcomed the journey and I enjoyed taking the ride with the music and going where it sent me. If Electric Karnival is not on your “festivals-to-do-list” then please make some amendments and add this to your list immediately.

In Conclusion....

The format of Electric Karnival was new to me.  Some of the music was new and it caused me to stretch a bit. My comfort zone is pure soca music with a splash of zouk, ska, dancehall, afrobeats and a pinch of hip-hop. And I was one to turn up my nose in fetes and parties where I didn't hear 100% soca music.  But, I was quite surprised with the beautiful blend of Soca and EDM and I have a newfound respect and appreciate for Caribbean Dance Music (CDM) and the vibe that it brings. 

In furtherance, we must allow the music to take us to different places. We have to stretch our musical palate if we want to enjoy different lyrical and melodic dishes. Some we will like and some we will not like, but to refuse to experience because of a lack of desire to stretch is silliness. I am not an EDM fan. I don’t think I will ever be an EDM fan, BUT I am a CDM fan and that is not possible without EDM. And because I love CDM, I understand that some of that comes with some EDM and I may run across a tune or two or develop a taste for the music.

I do know this….. I will be at Electric Karnival next year because the experience was awesome. 


A Message From The Carnival Doctor.....
(READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY because you know how I get down!!)

I am ALL about love and respect.

When we can come together as a people, as a community, via a shared interest and all get along and laugh, dance, share, smile and have a good time – then that is what we need to do.  That is winning. There’s so much hate in the world right now that we need Electric Karnival and events like this that purposely bring different groups and communities together. 

The slim are shaming the fat. The Jew is arguing with the Muslim. The democrat is fighting with the republican. Different races are having issues with other races. And so on and so forth. But…..in the party… in the fete…. And at Electric Karnival on the 3rd of July… we were all one. And I will pay my money for that experience any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Because the more that I enter into these spaces of peace, love, unity and respect….. the more MY WORLD is one of harmony. So, Electric Karnival will see me next year and every year after. (And it’s only one day and my wife will approve that every time LOL).

>> Electric Karnival "Caribbean Dance Music Festival" - Part 1 Gallery
>> Electric Karnival "Caribbean Dance Music Festival" - Part 2 Gallery