Mrs. Charmaine Cedeno-Wiltshire is the C.E.O. of Paragon Advertising Limited.  She is wife and mother of 2 sons.  She is in her fabulous fifties and is in fabulous shape.  We wanted to catch up with Charmaine to learn some of her best practices.  Let us learn from a woman who appears to defy age.

Stephen: When did you first fall in love with working out?

Charmaine: I can’t say that I have really ever fallen in love with working out …  In my early twenties, I was very skinny and my weight fluctuated whereby I lost weight easily … when I lost just one pound people thought I was anemic, which I sometimes looked… I found going to the gym and lifting weights made me put on body mass and I looked and felt so much better…  only then did I gain some affection for the gym.

Stephen: Its easy to train for 1 year or 2 but you seem to be consistently working out for years and years, how do you keep consistent in your training?

Charmaine: As a result of my under-weight issue being remedied by gym training, eventually the routine of this solution began providing me with the collateral benefit of balance in my life. Having that type of body-training discipline in my life at such a young age eventually evolved into a habit, I could not do without working out, I would feel totally unbalanced and of course just plain old vanity also contributed to my habitual return to the gym… also fortunately for me my body got in shape extremely fast but the older I got, as I entered my ‘Fabulous Fifties’, my reasoning evolved…  being in gym helped me with everyday stress, gaining more energy, being disciplined, reinforced clean eating habits and of course the more consistent you train, the better you feel and look, (I am also slightly obsessed  with having a flat stomach lol).

Stephen: How has carnival impacted your mindset on training?

Charmaine: I do not train specifically for Carnival…. but when Carnival is approximately two months away I sometimes would train more consistently and try and eat even cleaner, I would also drink much more water… seeing that I love snacking! (Especially those chocolates), but really eating clean is where everything starts… makes no sense going to the gym and not eating clean, also getting enough hours of sleep makes a huge difference.

Stephen: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Charmaine: My inspiration comes from seeing other women who look good and take care of themselves; they inspire me to work even harder.

Stephen: Do you do anything special for the carnival season?

Charmaine: I consider myself an extremely disciplined and organized individual; as such a few months prior to carnival I also start getting my (edgy) wardrobe organized for the fetes.

Stephen: What are common foods that are on your weekly menu?

Charmaine: My weekly menu consists of   Healthy Cereal/Fruits/Salmon/Chicken Breast/Salad/ Healthy Shakes and of Decadent Chocolates…. Lol.

Stephen: Do you use vitamins and supplements and if so what do you think the average person needs?

Charmaine: I hate taking any type of tablets … but because of my age I take Super magnesium and Triple Strength Fish oil 1500… I think the average person needs to identify what they believe they would like to improve about themselves and take the right steps or get the appropriate advice to accomplish their objective.

Stephen: What does a training week work out look like?

Charmaine: My training week work-out consist of three days, with 20 minutes cardio and one-hour weights each day, for Carnival I may do 4 days if needed.

Stephen: Does working out balance your life and if so what advice do you have for others who are interested or just getting started?

Charmaine: Working out is just part of what balances my life… I try to have four balanced elements in my life
1.    Spiritual,
2.    Mental,
3.    Physical
4.    and Social…

I would advise everyone to utilize these key words as part of their work out process… Discipline, Clean-eating, Consistency, Plenty-Water and Moderation, if these are applied to your gym world you would surely achieve your goal…then again, I am not perfect I love Chocolates!!! (Moderation)