Carnival gives you superpowers.  It does, it literally makes you superhuman.  You chip and dance for a million hours on end, feel no pain and it's great.  The other day I was walking down the road and stared at some trucks passing by and was reminded of when I was in London at Nottinghill.  I was patiently waiting for a drink from the drink truck when I guess I put my feet (which are gargantuan) right under the wheels of the still not moving vehicle.  The big horn blew and the wheels started to move...right over my right foot!  Still waiting, with cup in hand held high, I stared at my run over foot in horror and let out a tiny "ow". 
When the truck finally moved away and I was able to get my foot free, I quickly wiggled my toes around and was thankful that nothing was broken and I was pretty much  I took my rum and coke...yes I waited for it!!! and went back to my friends.  I told them the tale and they of course didn't believe me, after all, I was whinin low to the ground right as I was telling them!
It could have been the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol I quickly thought so right when we took a five, I took my shoe and sock off and inspected my toes...still nothing...and I wasn't drunk. The only thing I had suffered was chipped nail polish on meh big toe!
Again, Carnival gives you superpowers.  Haven't you met Superflirt?  The superman and woman who feel the need to flirt with every reveler who makes eye contact with them.  Or what about Superballs?  The ugliest man who has balls of steal and won't leave you alone whole Carnival Tuesday.  These folks then pull a Clark Kent and go right back to normal Ash Wednesday.  Sooo I guess that makes me Supersteel. Bones made of steel incapable of being broken! Not the superpower I would want if given a choice but I guess it saved meh tail in this instance.
Have you experienced super human strength or powers during the Carnival season? Have you had the ability to not get super drunk and avoid hangovers? How about the ability to repel Snaggles?