Carnival is a time we all come together in euphoric joy.  That’s all well & good – yet what truly is beautiful is the outpouring of love and support over the last week for those across the islands impacted by Hurricane Irma.  Those efforts will undoubtedly continue for months and years to come as the rebuilding efforts will be considerable.

The challenges of not knowing if our loved ones were alive & safe, watching reports/videos on social media and still sitting nervously waiting for that call, text, WhatsApp message, or FB/IG DM has been agonizing for countless people.  Once those were received it was now on to seeing what we can do from afar to help everyone across the impacted sister islands.

Difficult times truly reveal people’s character & it’s been truly inspiring to see so many take action.

Whether people are on sister islands who didn’t get hit, in the U.S., Canada, Europe or beyond they’ve been looking for ways to support and contribute.  We’ve got artists challenging each other to give, others coming together for charity performances, Bands encouraging their loyal masqueraders to bring clothes, toiletries, food, etc. to their mas camps, DJ’s & Promoters donating their time & talents to fundraise, people with roots from numerous impacted islands coordinating social media efforts, and countless others donating supplies and money at cities around the world to support those impacted.

What follows is by no means a “full” list yet it definitely is a living, breathing, growing document with the goal to provide a number of options for people to contribute, participate, share, etc. to islands and entities that resonate with them.  Whether you want to donate supplies, donate money, or attend an event that will lead to a monetary contribution you’ve got options.

While there are many GoFundMe pages popping up that is not a focus on this page, except for a few that are affiliated with reputable entities that I am personally aware of and comfortable including – clearly the vetting process is challenging in this arena so there’s a focus on other options.

Whatever the case may be, we encourage you to find a way to give from your heart & get involved.

By Island:

•    Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, etc) [UK]

With supplies going to medical teams Dr. Reid is already in contact with in Anguilla, Barbuda, Dominica, and Tortola (working to sort through the process for Saint Maarten & Puerto Rico as well)

o    British Red Cross Hurricane Irma appeal - Please earmark for Hurricane Irma appeal
o    Richard Branson of Necker Island is supporting the BVI through donations to Virgin United. (501c3)

•    Barbuda [Antigua & Barbuda]
o    Halo Foundation Barbuda relief
o    Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross

Ricardo Drue - Challenging Fellow Artists like Lyrikal, Teddyson John, Skinny Fabulous, Kes, etc. to monetary donations for Barbuda

Still possible to make a pledge for the children of Barbuda

Team Soca organizing drop-off points for supplies:



•    Puerto Rico (including Culebra and Vieques) [US]
o    American Red Cross of Puerto Rico - donate with a comment to donate to the Puerto Rico chapter - if you donate to the Irma relief fund without a comment, donations will likely go to the US mainland
o    PR real-time relief fund [started by ConPRmetidos non-profit]

•    St Martin and St Barths [Fr]
o    French Red Cross Hurricane Irma appeal - Please earmark for Hurricane Irma appeal

•    Sint Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius (Statia) [Ne]
o    Dutch Red Cross Hurricane Irma appeal - Please earmark for Hurricane Irma appeal

US Virgin Islands (St Thomas, St John, St Croix, etc)

  • Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands is a well-established local charity - add “Fund for the VI” or “FFVI” into the description/memo line. For more info see and (501c3)
  • Caribbean Sea Adventures of St. Croix is collecting money to purchase water, food, tarps and other essential supplies that they will ferry over to St. Thomas and St. John. This is one of the fastest ways to get resources in
  • NBA All-Star, Champion and Virgin Islander Tim Duncan wrote an This is also one of the fastest ways to get resources in.
  • Virgin Islands ASAP Relief Group are flying private planes and helicopters with supplies to St. Thomas. This is also one of the fastest ways to get resources in.
  • My Brothers Workshop is making meals for people in need 
  • VI Salvation Army  Checks can also be sent to Salvation Army / PO Box 600122 / St Thomas, USVI 00801 (501c3)
  • St. John Rescue Inc. supports direct rescue efforts on St. John. (501c3)
  • United Way of the Virgin Islands supports education, income, and health. 
  • Family Resource Center provides support and shelter for victims of domestic abuse year-round and is coordinating efforts to help people get off-island. (501c3)
  • Women’s Coalition of St. Croix also supports victims of domestic abuse 1c3)
  • Frederiksted Health Care (FHC) provides health care on St. Croix. (501c3)
  • Lutheran Social Services of the VI provides child care, senior care, and disaster relief - donate here. (501c3)
  • Humane Society of St. Thomas supports the island’s pet/animal community. (501c3)
  • India Association of the Virgin Islands accepts donations at P.O. Box 1267 / St. Thomas, USVI 00804. (501c3)
  • Coral Bay Community Council supports the Coral Bay St. John community and ecosystem. (501c3)
  • Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park supports cultural preservation and natural resource protection for the National Park, which includes most of St. John and offshore areas. (501c3)
•    Lists of other charities

•    Pan-Caribbean/General
o    Humanitarian OpenStreetMap - with comment to direct to islands impacted by Hurricane Irma (or specific island)


With supplies going to medical teams Dr. Reid is already in contact with in Anguilla, Barbuda, Dominica, and Tortola (working to sort through the process for Saint Maarten & Puerto Rico as well)   

Unable to donate money, but still wish to give? Please call one of our regional USC Partners and they will be happy to receive your donations of  canned food, water, baby food, diapers, garbage bags, box milk, first-aid kits, tarp, and clothes (deadline Sept. 23, 2017):

New York (Brooklyn/Bronx): (646) 678-8415 | (917) 607 9412 | (718) 314-1687
Boston: (617) 373-0941
Atlanta (Atlanta Caribbean Carnival): (678) 907-3671
Toronto (Kerra Loves Kids): (416) 804-0781
Bermuda (Bermuda Heroes Weekend): (441) 337 3737

All proceeds from this campaign will go directly to those impacted by Hurricane Irma. If you have any questions please email

Take a look below to see how/when/where a band you may have played with or intend to play with in the future is collecting supplies:

There are also still performances & charitable fetes that you can either or attend or simply buy a ticket as a donation - keep an eye on the IG accounts of many Soca Artists in the weeks to come.

In ORLANDO - October 1st

In TORONTO - October 13th

We come together to fete, now let’s come together to support our sisters and brothers in need! Hopefully, what you can see from this blog is that there's numerous ways to contribute whether it's supplies, time, and/or money.  If you don't see an organization putting something together..... well, then that's an opportunity for you to take the lead!

******ON GOING EFFORTS BEING ADDED BY LOCATION (alphabetical order below) WHERE RELIEF CAMPAIGN/EVENTS TAKING PLACE*****  (As we get more we'll add more)






*** COLLECTING AGAIN SUNDAY OCTOBER 1st & Online Contributions Accepted Too

*Roxanne Bartley as point person -



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(Until 30th of September)

One Love,
Jouvert Mike