Photo: Lein Stylez

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad:
December 19th, 2017 A new wave of Caribbean entertainers are making their entry and as the world listens closely to the islands to gather the vibe they need for the future, vibrant acts like Lein Stylez- a Mayaro, Trinidad native, are confidently infiltrating.

Timing is everything. After securing the 2012 bragging rights in Trinidad and Tobago’s Synergy Soca Star competition, Stylez- a born entertainer, as he sees himself, made up his mind to remain committed to penetrating the entertainment circuit in the Caribbean, no matter how long it took. Real name, Neil Alexander, this songwriter, singer and all round entertainer, knows that the sky’s the limit when it comes to his musical ambitions. His latest offering is a track produced by one of the Caribbean’s most promising young producers, Klase Gonzales who’s best known as 1st Klase. The song, “Fu Sure” is an upbeat Power Soca contender that any industry heavyweight would be granted complete respect when it comes to airplay rotation. With a powerfully raspy tone that has just what it takes to stand beside the greats in Soca, Alexander’s energy and his keen desire to hit the stage at events in the season ahead, keeps him hungry.

Coming from rural Trinidad, the artiste knows that to be taken seriously, he must deliver well. He has had great inspiration, and with each stroke of his pen, he has captured much of his mind’s musings. The 2018 Carnival season is but the icebreaker for this eager Soca music lover. He plans on keeping the energy going, delivering more music for real music lovers, for many seasons to come. In fact, even with high enthusiasm to infiltrate the 2018 Carnival season, Stylez remains committed to completing his debut album, a compilation of songs that will see the genres of Soca, Chutney and Dancehall, beautifully merged for what he promises will be something to look out for. “My aim is to essentially become a household name here in the Caribbean and eventually, internationally. It might be every Caribbean artiste’s dream but the difference between others and myself, is the fact that obstacles and setbacks are just motivation for me to succeed. I have no fear of failure,” said Stylez.

The new single has found favour with a number of DJs already, many agreeing that it is only a matter of time before Lein Stylez is recognized for his natural ability to entertain. “What is meant for you, will be yours. I’m a strong believer in this theory so I know that in God’s time, my opportunity to shine will come. Whether it’s in 2018 or beyond, I will be ready to show the world just what I’m capable of,” he said.