Photo: Hookie Life Events brings the cultural elements of Mas & J'ouvert to Washington DC.

Washington, DC (Sonique Solutions) – J’ouvert and Mas are 2 essential elements which have become synonymous with the Caribbean festival experience. The upcoming Hookie Weekend will showcase the unbridled freedom of ‘dutty mas’ along with the excitement and glamour of pretty mas in the forms of the events ‘Lion’s Pride J’ouvert’ and ‘Riddim & Road’ 2018.

Photo: Lion's Pride J'ouvert will showcase the unbridled freedom of 'dutty mas'.

This June, US-based promotional outfit Hookie Life Entertainment is dedicated to ensuring these beloved Carnival components remain a constant for the Caribbean culture lovers in the Washington DC metro area during its epic weekend of memorable events.

On Saturday June 23rd, Lion’s Pride J’ouvert, the best and only J’ouvert experience in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) takes place at 7am at the Rosecroft Raceway.

Photo: Pure vibes and excitement at Lion's Pride J'ouvert.

Commonly known as ‘LPJ’ and considered by many Carnival connoisseurs as the perfect mix, this event offers a combination of paint, powder & revelry as well as an array of top music selections from a big truck.

Registration for LPJ includes an official LPJ T-shirt, specialty paint along with other Hookie Life goodies and a front row seat to the organized chaos of this unique J’ouvert experience. Several past Hookie Weekend attendees have referred to this day opening event as the ultimate continuation to the energy created at the previous day’s Hookie DC pool party.

Photo: Hookie Weekend attendees thoroughly embrace the organized chaos of Lion's Pride J'ouvert.

Following the Lion’s Pride J’ouvert vibes is the fan favourite, Riddim & Road on June 24th.
Hookie Weekend culminates with this event that puts a twist on the traditional Mas model and allows the masquerader to be the costume designer.

This alternative mas concept also gives patrons another opportunity to utilize and jump up with their old costumes from previous international carnivals, their ‘Monday Wear’ options or even their own inspired costume creations.

Photo: On Saturday June 23rd, Lion's Pride J'ouvert takes place at 7am at the Rosecroft Raceway.

Riddim & Road not only fills a gap in DC by bringing back an authentic Carnival road experience to the US nation’s capital, but also provides a platform for true mas enthusiasts to show off their unique style and represent Caribbean culture to the fullest while jamming to the music of top DJs and finishing the Hookie Weekend in fine fashion.

Photo: Hookie Weekend culminates with Riddim & Road on June 24th.

Lion’s Pride J’ouvert and Riddim & Road are part of the highly anticipated Hookie DC Weekend 2018 (June 21st-24th) which also includes the events “Release Therapy”, “Hookie DC Pool Party” and the return of “Shine” to Washington DC.

Photo: During Hookie Weekend patrons can jump up with their old costumes from previous international carnivals as well as their 'Monday Wear' and own costume creations.

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Photo: Riddim & Road allows the masquerader to be the costume designer.