Kingston, Jamaica; Popular recording artistes, Fay-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin, will be launching a revolutionary band in Jamaica Carnival this season.

The newest band on the block, Rebellion, will see Lyons and Bunji’s One World Rebellion partnering with Solid Agency and M7 Events (hosts of the popular Soirée SPF, SPF Weekend and Marbana Beach Club).

Right now, the team is constructing all the parts needed to make sure everything comes together fruitfully,” Lyons said.

Rebellion will have its official launch on December 8 at their base, Rebellion Yard, beside Emancipation Park.

The launch party which is expected to be a spectacular affair will be under the theme ‘Revolt’.

According to Lyons, the theme, “is rooted in history and is based on the background of various cultural revolutions from the Africans to the American natives’ fight for freedom.”

According to the soca artiste known for songs such as Block The Road, the name, along with the theme, was selected to create a true representation of the actual bringing together of cultures.

She said that this will be visible in all of the costumes and T-shirt sections that will be associated with Rebellion.

“Each costume must differ not only by color, but represent something different. It must have a core not just to function as another band on the road. That means it needs to have a concept,” she said.

Long before the glitz and glamour of the costumes in the road march however there will be a number of Rebellion events and activities including a weekly fete and lead up parties.

Among the planned parties are Landed, Cooler fete on March 9, Marbana Beach Club on April 21 and Victory on April 25th.

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