So...... 2018 is coming to a close and many of you have had a time. Here’s what you’ve done.

You’ve fetted.
You’ve partied.

You’ve limed.

You’ve danced.

You’ve jumped up.

You’ve waved.

You’ve Wined down.

You’ve “Wet it up.”

You’ve followed the “mass ova deh.”  

And you’ve done everything in between.  

You’ve thrown mud, paint, powder and a lot of your money away and guess what?

You had ah time so it’s all good.

But as 2018 comes to a close and we look upon 2019 we have to make the same decisions that we make every year. These decisions are:

  • Am I going to Trinidad Carnival next year?

  • Am I doing Jamaica Carnival?

  • Am I going to do the double?

  • Barbados next year or nah?

  • I need to do a few small carnivals this year…. Cayman Islands or Bermuda?

  • Miami Carnival and Ubersoca Cruise or just Ubersoca Cruise?

  • Or maybe you have to see the full list of Carnivals to jog your memory?

These are all questions that we ask and as we fill up our “Carnival calendar” list. And quite honestly, we still have other things that we really want to do.

Because let’s be honest.

The pace of carnival goes so fast that all we really do is go from fete to fete to fete.  And that’s not bad. It’s a great time. But sometimes you leave a country and you just feel like you really didn’t visit it.  You feel like you just went there and partied and left. And You Need A Vacation After The Vacation!

And that’s great.

Hell, it’s cool.

But what if you could party, lime, dance, sight see, sail, eat, chill, REST & RELAX and do it all on your own yacht without lifting a finger, save to get off of your boat to fete?

There are many options during the year and as the Carnival Doctor, my job is to make sure that you have several medicinal options for the things that ail you during the year.

Here’s My Confession……

I know that I have a J’Ouvert problem.  I NEEEEEEEEED J’Ouvert. So I make sure that I get as many J’Ouvert and paint parties in as I can get in during the year.  I love SSS Blue J’Ouvert in Miami (and it is not to be missed) so I make sure that I get that one in. I also make sure that I do the Lion’s Pride J’Ouvert in DC during the Hookie Weekend in Washington DC.  There are just so many awesome j'ouverts to love around the globe - A.M.Bush (Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados), Dutty J'Ouvert (February, Trinidad), Beach J'Ouvert and Bacchanal J'Ouvert (April, Jamaica), BWH J'Ouvert (June, Bermuda), Josie's Jamishmness (Trinidad), J'Ouvert Jamishness (New York), Cocoa in July (Trinidad), Ubersoca J'Ouvert (November), Red Ants J'Ouvert Launch (November, Trinidad) to mention a few.

I also know that I love to fete.  And I NEEEEEED to fete during the year. So I pack my calendar with fetes in between carnival and make sure that I get my "fete fix" in damn near every month. Even during Howard University Homecoming weekend, I make sure that I fete and attend the Caribbean events during homecoming weekend.

I also know that I still need a relaxing vacation where I can relax, enjoy soca music, partake in exquisite cuisine and have a great time while not feeling rushed or like I’m missing out on something.  I want to be on and near the water and take in the local scene and culture and feel like I’ve had a vacation. Because Lord knows, when I come back from carnival I feel like I need to go on a vacation to catch myself.

Well, I’ve been really doing some quality researching and I’ve located and locked down the best experience on the planet where you can cruise on a yacht for a week, get exquisite cuisine from a private chef, enjoy the culture of a small island, get an intimate and quality vacation, REST, and still get your Soca and fetting fix all while being able to feel pampered and treated like a VIP.

When you read what I have to tell you, you are going to see why this is going to be the hottest and most exclusive event of 2019.

In tomorrow’s post I will tell you all about it because it’s just too much to talk about today. It’s got so many moving parts to it.

But I guarantee you that it’s going to be awesome.  You’re going to have to add this to the calendar.

Blessings from here to there,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

"The Carnival Doctor"