Honestly, Bermuda was a place my parents and aunties used to go on vacay. It was always so quiet, so I avoided going on those family trips. Then one day a Bermuda Heroes Weekend promo popped up. “Bermudaful Moments”. I figured why not? So I planned a girls’ trip, and immediately on arrival; it was pace! Party scene from day one was non stop action. Then in the day, it was catching beauty naps on the most perfect beaches in the world. You should see my IG page. We were immediately hooked. This is now my second year and the group of girls has already doubled. This is our new tradition and ‘the party can’t done’ anytime soon!!!” – Enthusiastic BHW Masquerader from New York.

Much has been said and will continue to be said about the impact and development of Bermuda Heroes Weekend Carnival. However what must be acknowledged is the expanding effect it has had on the local tourism industry, as well as its positive growth on and trickle down payoff throughout the local economy. Just have a conversation with the Taxi and Minibus services and drivers, and the owners of retail stores like Urban Cottage and People’s Pharmacy. Not to mention those who run guesthouses, hotels, and AirB&Bs, and they will all be able to definitively state how much more income they have earned from the fresh wave of festival customers.

Also benefiting from these targeted annual arrivals, are the young and slightly less young entrepreneurs who have built new businesses around this yearly colourful adventure. From childcare provider, Mini Mas Camp, along with event promoters, DJs, to even multiple Mas Bands filled with designers and costume makers, whose fields of work simply did not exist in Bermuda up until 5 years ago.

Not to be forgotten of course are the local food suppliers, such as Bermuda Pie Co. and Duch Pops, who are both actively converting visitors into Bermuda foodies one pie and popsicle at a time. They are tempting taste buds, alongside restaurants Sensational Delights, and the Jamaican Grill, while Tipsy Tending teaches everyone the unique way Bermudians handle their alcohol. ;)

The wide-ranging list of workers and firms that have beneficially integrated this celebration into an increasing profit margin cannot be underestimated. In fact, we have yet to mention G.E.T. Security, Reality Sound, Positive Vibration, or Sound Concepts, which are all companies that directly participate in the build-up and triumphant execution of Bermuda Heroes Weekend Carnival.

But what does the actual bottom line look like? How much is actually spent by each visitor? Has this increased over the 5-year period that BHW Ltd. has been hosting this event? Plainly, millions of dollars have been directly infused into the Bermudian economy, because of Carnival. With each traveller spending on average $3000. The numbers coming in tripled between 2015 and 2016, with strong continuous increases over the following years. But don’t just accept our word for it, take a look at the statistical breakdown below.

Without a doubt when the BHW Ltd. team pulls this all together, fun and excitement are a big part of the motivation. However, at the heart of it all is the team’s love for Bermuda and their unwavering focus on doing their part to make their homeland and its people better and fiscally stronger. Bit by bit, step by step, one Carnival celebration at a time.