Greetings!  Every now and then an artist comes our way that produces music so touching that it moves our soul and we know that we just must endorse it, this artist is one such.  He was born, Desmond Gary Paul, on the 14th of December, 1961.  However in the world of music this bright and upcoming talent is known as King Solomon.  Residing in Trinidad, he an upcoming artist apart of the Trinidad reggae revolution movement.  King Solomon is backed by a strong team of producers, managers, artists, promoters, djs, etc that has formed an organization to help elevate the reggae coming out of Trinidad to its utmost.  Now managed by Akeunde Pemberton and Sherlon Jackson of JahLight Records Trinidad, King Solomon is on the move after releasing  his 2008 debut , ‘Living In Love’, on JahLight Records’ Freedom Riddim which featured other artist, Zebulun, Dainjamental, Revelation, Journey, Royal Dainties, etc.  This project was featured on many radio stations worldwide.

Some include 94.1fm, 95.1fm, 99.1fm, 104.7fm, 90.1fm,102 fm, 104fm, 105fm(Trinidad), Bess Fm Jamaica ,Big Radio 95.1fm, 91.3 fm, 94.3rfm,Big City 101.3fm, Vibe 105.3fm, Irie Vibes Radio,106.3fm KWUF (USA), New Style Radio 98.7fm England, Sting Fm 107.5, Jamrock Radio, Unique Fm (UK), Reggae Sessions Radio in Barcelona, Spain, to name a few.

‘When a man meets a woman for the first time he would do all the good things that he can find in his heart and mind but we got to try and keep it that way if we truly want her to stay’. For his 2009 debut King Solomon is back with the infectious, ‘Things that we do’, produced by Aquil Arrindell of Cut Thyme Studios and Executively produced by Akeunde Pemberton and Sherlon Jackson of Jahlight Records.  Backed with a smooth but  vibrant, the artist puts nice melodies, energy  and lyrics to it with his call for the lovers to keep that very love that they had from the beginning to the end.  It’s definitely a beautiful song, one that will attract the masses.  Already anticipated by many, the world can catch this new tune releasing on the airwaves worldwide in the month of May and it will also be available via digital download soon.  It is one of many to come, so do look out for this artist with his brand new release touching the heart an soul of all that comes it way.  As King Solomon says, ‘To me singing music is not all about having a sweet voice but about putting words together that could make see and feel the reality of the truth concerning whatever you are singing.  Music to me is like a vehicle which takes people where they want to go. I would love to be the driver taking them to a place of joy, peace, happiness and eternal life, which is the Kingdom of God. My mission through music is to reach the heart and mind of the people so they could know that God exist and is very much alive.  I am here to proclaim and help establish my Father’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven’.

From  King Solomon was conscious of himself he loved singing and dancing but  it was at age 17 that he  got his call into the rastaman vibration and his style of singing changed to a more r n b, reggae blend.  He recalls being brilliant in school and could have been many things but he left everything and chose to pursue music, the rasta way.  Two of his greatest musical inspirations are the late great Bob Marley and Dennis Brown as they gave him that strength and encouragement to sing.  As such King Solomon started singing with his own sound system, Sonic 1 Possy, along with other sound systems at Block Parties in America where he lived for 19 years.  At that point in his career he sang in big shows in Queens New York, Atlanta Georgia and he even came first in a singing competition in Jamaica.  In 1995, King Solomon met up with Bobby Konders of Massive B and did a track called, ‘Dream of Me,’ on the classical, Stalag Riddim, which was in rotation on radio station, Hot 97 NY.

Back in Trinidad, where he did most of his outstanding shows, he use to sing every Sunday in Club Monty’s  with a group called Black Survivor.  After a split he then formed his own group called Universal Love which symbolized the Body of Christ, which was home also to female reggae star, Queen Omega.

King Solomon is a very loving and caring individual as said by many.  He is always there to give advice and would sacrifice his time to lend a helping hand. He is said by his management team to be, ‘a very positive and conscious minded individual, a man of wisdom and a unique understanding of things, a true messenger’.  May the world realize the bountiful blessings we have been given in its different forms.

‘I want to be just like my Father in Heaven.  I know God is going to use me in these last days where a worldly system rules.  However, there is no other way but the way our Lord Jesus Christ came and showed us. There is no other God than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and that is love. Any other way is temporary and will fade away with time. Love which is God is forever’.