Problem Child, whom you may also know as Johnny Fontainne aka Vincy Bad Boy, was born on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. He spent his early years growing up in St.Vincent then migrated over to the most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn, which led him to absorb the Hip Hop and Dancehall culture. While Mr. Fontainne kept his Vincy culture close to his heart, including his love for Soca music, his upbringing resulted in an integration of both the Caribbean and American cultures in his music. This fusion is what makes Problem Child so unique, and allows him to stand out amongst the best in the industry. His hard work and creativity in the studio is demonstrated with each track he releases.

Drawing from his own life experiences, he carefully crafts the lyrics to each of his songs. The passion he possesses for music is readily apparent when he hits the stage, and the energy he unleashes in a party drives the crowd, and in turn, their energy fuels his performances. There is no doubt that Problem Child has put out hit after hit in the Soca industry, making many a party-goers carnival experience one to remember. This artist can turn even the most jaded reveller into a "Party Animal". If you love Soca music, then you must be aware that this track was the winner of the Vincy Road March competition in 2007. Once again, in 2009, he was rewarded with his second Vincy Road March title for the track entitled "Mad House.

" As a result of these achievements, he had received a spotlight on NBC Radio and HOT 97.1's website, congratulating him on his success and award winning tracks. He has worked with many of our favourite artists such as: Beenie Man with "Party Party"; Voicemail with "High Whole Night"; Bunji Garlin with "Party Cya Done" and "Gyal Dey We Dey"; Faye-Ann Lyons with "We Ready"; Mr. Peppa with the remix of "Walk and Talk"; Ravi B with the remix of "Ah Drinka", and Daria with "In De Middle". These are just a few examples of the works he has completed in the past, and Problem Child is just getting warmed up.

If this doesn't impress you, check out the track entitled "Real Badboy". A great reggae song set to the “Ninety Riddim” and a departure from his usual musical style. It is a prime example of the artist’s diversity in talent and ability to adapt and deliver to all genres and crowds. This spring’s featured tracks have been a hit at parties and at the top of any soca- DJ’s list.

“High Whole Night” was a collaboration made with Problem Child and the group “Voicemail”, who is well respected in the Dancehall industry. It was produced on the “Ride West Riddim” created by “Island Traffic Net”, whom you may have also known previously to produce Tallpree’s hit song “Wicked Jab”.

"Stick On", which is now blowing up in St. Vincent, is a hot single which was also released in the late spring of 2011.

It was produced by “OBanga Productions”, who also founded “Feting for Days” (can be found on Youtube), and produced the “Kiss Riddim” (another hit soca riddim). Soca lovers may label this track a “groovy soca” song, which is a trademark of St. Vincent's soca.

Let us not forget the current hit called "Ah Tink Ah Drunk" which is exploding in the industry. This genius collaboration with Problem Child & Tallpree is a track that all party-goers can relate to. It was produced by Allison, Sir Fingaz, and Lawrence who also produced the "Fingerz Riddim" at the Heat Lab. This track can be found on the Mad Blood Riddim, which is very popular in 2011's soca.

Problem Child can and does represent the people of his country and makes them proud to be Vincentians. As a global ambassador of Soca music, he shows the world what West Indians have known for years that Problem Child and Soca are a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned for what he has in store for this upcoming carnival, you will not be disappointed. Bet on that.

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