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As the Caribbean moves closer to reducing its carbon footprint and joining the world’s agenda by fostering collaborations that work towards utilizing environmentally friendly products, on April 08th 2019 two Caribbean companies ANJO Wholesale and All Eco Caribbean has signed an exclusive distribution agreement which would transform how Antiguans relate to Garbage Bags.

The product Rosie Bags ~ 100% totally degradable garbage bags is a product that degrades within 24 to 36 months after disposal, leaving no harmful residue in the environment. This technology is also used in other parts of the world such as Canada and The United Arab Emirates and now the Caribbean.

This agreement would enable the Antiguan consumer to not only contribute to this shifting Global need but will also enable them to become part of a broader conversation as each RosieBags ~ totally degradable garbage bag is produced in a variety of colours, each representing a different cause.

Photo: Official signing

The distributor, retailer and consumer, can directly contribute to supporting respective causes as a percentage of each purchase would be allocated to supporting and building awareness of

Pink ~ Cancer

Blue ~ Ocean Conservation

Red ~ HIV and AIDS

Purple ~ Alzheimer’s

ANJO Wholesale is one of the largest well-known distributors in Antigua and is the first of many regional contracts the Tobago based company All Eco Company Limited is scheduled to sign. 

This product is set to enter the Antigua and Barbuda market as early as, May 01st 2019 and would be sold in most mini-marts, groceries and shops throughout Antigua and Barbuda, All Eco’s CEO remarked “the vision of the company is simple, enter regional communities, save the environment and transform lives, this is but the first step in that direction…” On a recent visit to Antigua, she has already begun to form collaborations with local NGO’s to push the company’s agenda of supporting causes and transforming lives.

The Managing Director of ANJO Wholesale has said they are quite excited about the possibilities of the RosieBags product not just in Antigua but regionally.

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